3 months ago

Aetheryte Radio 276: Minion Lore

Some of the most interesting and wild game lore can be found hidden in the lines of minion descriptions. Join us as these tiny cuties blow our minds!
5 Apr 2014

Here Comes The Wind-up Sun

With Patch 2.2, a batch of new minions were introduced to Eorzea. Included in those is the Wind-up Sun minion and it’s alright. For those who fancy themselves to be the more photogenic of Eorzea’s Adventurers however, this minion is more than just alright. It’s a must have!
24 Jun 2013

Before Meteor Soundtrack Now Available For Pre-Order In North America

The Final Fantasy XIV: Before Meteor Blu-Ray soundtrack is now available to pre-order from the Square Enix store. This imported soundtrack contains 104 tracks as well as the “End of an Era” trailer in 5.1 surround sound. Those that have a Blu-Ray drive on their computers will be able to retrieve mp3 versions of all
17 Jun 2013

E3 2013 Interview With Naoki Yoshida

Between doing live streams, signing autographs, participating in and commentating on Ifrit battles, Naoki Yoshida, the Director/Producer of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn found some time to talk to us at last week’s E3. We recently asked the community (that’s you guys!) what they wanted to get some information on. Unfortunately, the downside of
26 Apr 2013

Smile Smile Joy Joy (and some new images)

Fernehalwes posted a new developers blog post overnight touching on the Niconico Chokaigi 2 event. We’ve re-posted it after the break. Above the break? The poster from the event – which shows off loads of minions and 3 different colored mammets!