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2 weeks ago

Review: Azure Striker Gunvolt 3

Twenty years ago (holy crap has it really been that long?), the development studio Inti Creates got their start working on the Mega Man franchise with the much-beloved Mega Man Zero series. After producing a number of games in various different subseries in the franchise, Mega Man went into its famous content drought. But that
5 months ago

Hands On: 30XX February 2022 Content Update

Surprise! Early Access games are often pegged as messy/buggy works in process, but sometimes you come across games like Batterystaple’s 30XX and the steady updates that it’s been receiving since it “dropped” on Steam a year ago. We got the chance to check it out around that time, and even in that state I felt
11 months ago

Review: Metallic Child

Here’s the hidden secret about Metallic Child: It is perhaps best understood not by what it claims to be on the cover but by a series of otherwise ornate references to other games. At a glance, this game is a roguelite, and indeed that’s what it claims to be right on the cover when you
31 Aug 2019

PAX West 2019 Hands-on: Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX

During the great Mega Man drought of the early 2010s, a number of developers stepped up to give gamers hungry for a new entry in the long-running series something to enjoy. One of those companies was Inti Creates, who, in 2014, launched a new franchise of their own: Azure Striker Gunvolt.
4 Dec 2017

Mega Man 11 Announced for 2018

Once one of the most popular and prolific franchises in gaming, the Mega Man series has been mostly dormant since the release of Mega Man 10 back in 2010. Aside from a few compilations of older games and cameos in other titles, the almighty Blue Bomber has remained silent. Earlier today, Capcom hosted a Twitch