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11 Apr 2012

Materia Reform

A new thread has been started in the Updates section of the official forums. The title of the thread is as follows: [dev1358] Materia Reform Proceed to the thread.
19 Sep 2011

Dev Tracker For The Week Of 9/16/11

It’s been a while since our last dev tracking, in part because the official Lodestone topic posts have kept up with the news from the Devs.  Last week, however, Yoshida made a number of posts about the upcoming  1.19 and 1.20 patches, and while the information will almost certainly appear on Lodestone soon, for those
26 Aug 2011

Materia: A Matter of Mystery

An industrial revolution is at hand in Eorzea. It comes to us not as fantastical vessels that soar the skies; nor is it some new source of energy that powers our machinery and propels our ships to distant shores. Nay, dear readers—this revolution ta...
20 Jul 2011

Exclusive Interview With Naoki Yoshida: 1.18 And Beyond!

Recently we got a chance to shoot some questions over to Naoki Yoshida! We ask about some of the content coming up this week in Patch 1.18 and we also get a few juicy bits of information regarding Patch 1.19 and 1.20. Airships and Hamlet content is coming! Check out our exclusive interview after the
13 Jul 2011

The Community Teams Interview Yoshida In Japan!

Youmukon and Rukkirii from the Community Team had some time during their recent trip to Japan to interview Naoki Yoshida! The interview asks some interesting personal questions as well as asks about the process of developing new content. Check out the full interview after the break!
1 Jun 2011

Materia System Details

Today some details about what’s currently being called the “Materia System” have surfaced on the official forums! Got some new tidbits regarding the upcoming Materia system implementation to share with you straight from the dev. team! By using the armor and weapons that you equip yourself with, you will generate “attachment points”* and when your
12 Apr 2011

Naoki Yoshida on: Crafting and “Materia” System

Update or Patch information has seemed somewhat scarce the past couple of weeks. Today however, the information is starting to come in! Details about patch 1.17 that’s landing in a couple of days and now some bits of information via the Official Forums! A post from Naoki Yoshida was translated and posted on the NA