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10 Apr 2022

Lorecraft: Are the Twelve Related to the Convocation?

One of my favorite interview questions to date, was from Michael-Christopher Koji Fox, the English Translation & Localization Director, is his explanation of the explicit “Thal’s Balls.” You can find a video from the 2014 NA FanFest here, retelling the story of how the name came to pass prior to 1.0 and then was all
13 Feb 2016

The Raimdelle Codex Alces

Things have been pretty quiet on the “published things” front lately. Uncharacteristic quietness on my part usually means that I’ve receded into a Matoya-like cave with thousands of loose sheets of parchment in an attempt to forge order from some great chaos or another. I’ll re-emerge when I’ve come up with something worth sharing or
10 Jun 2015

Lorecraft: Floating Continent and the Warring Triad

Since Heavensward was announced back in October during the Las Vegas Fan Festival, we were told that we would see the Floating Continent from Final Fantasy VI. At the time, many people assumed it would become the new 24 man raid just as Final Fantasy III’s Crystal Tower had been the raid for A Realm
16 Jan 2015

Lorecrafting: Before The Fall Of Nanamo Ul Namo…?

Ever since the ending of Patch 2.4’s Main Scenario, there were those in the community that had accquired a sense of dread surrounding the future of both Ul’dah and her Sultana. Next week, Patch 2.5 arrives. Titled “Before the Fall” the logo, seen animated in the newly released trailer, features a falling goblet. This, in
23 Oct 2014

Lorecrafting: Dark Knight And Floating Continent

The announcement of Heavensward along with the tease of a new job brings us to today’s Lorecrafting! A job based off one of Director Nolan’s Batman films and a floating continent that you might recognize from games such as FFVI and… FFVI. But what could this mean? How could they be implemented into the world of
16 Jan 2014

Lorecast 1: Concerning Primals, Summons and Deities

Today we’re excited to announce Lorecast from Aetheryte Radio! Lorecast will be accompanying future entries of our Lore Train and Lore Crafting columns as our resident lore experts discuss the contents of the articles and everything surrounding their facts and theories. Being a part of Aetheryte Radio, you’ll be able to download episodes and get
16 Jan 2014

Lore Crafting: Concerning Primals, Summons and Deities

Occupying the realm as what the Garleans refer to as the Eikons or false gods, the Adventurer’s of Eorzea have had to combat a threat that emerged upon the conclusion of the Battle of Silvertear skies. The Primals that are summoned by Eorzea’s beastmen pose a large threat that is unlike that of the Garlean
24 Sep 2013

Lore Crafting: What’s In An Ascian Name?

Those of you who read the site are more than likely already familiar with our Lore Train column. The Lore Train pieces consist of factual information which has been confirmed by Fernehalwes either directly with us, or via posts on the official forums. However, there are also many other puzzles in Eorzea to which we