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17 Sep 2014

Could The Lightning Saga Be Coming To Steam?

A new website has popped up as a portal for the Final Fantasy XIII games and… it has a little something added to the bottom. Along with a logo for Square Enix’s Dive In streaming service that will be bringing Final Fantasy XIII and other titles to smartphones this November, there’s a logo for Steam.
11 Feb 2014

You Got Eorzea In My Nova Chrysalia part 1

A quick look at how to obtain Final Fantasy XIV’s Miqo’te Dress in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. We’ll have another post later this week on how you can obtain the weapons and shields for Eorzea’s Grand Companies as well!
5 Feb 2014

Tomb Raider DLC Announced for Lightning Returns Because Why Not?

If you loved the Mass Effect and Assassin’s Creed DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2 then today’s announcement might just be your thing! Square Enix has announced that soon, you’ll be able to dress up your favorite pink headed Final Fantasy heroine as your favorite Tomb Raider. The DLC, which will be available the day the
29 Jan 2014

Final Fantasy XIII Retrospective

Today, Square Enix released a Final Fantasy XIII retrospective that looks… well, retro. Get caught up on the story of Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2 before Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII arrives in just thirteen days on February 11th.  
21 Jan 2014

Unsure about Lightning Returns? Well, Try Before Buying and get a DLC Outfit!

Final Fantasy XIII as a franchise title has been a bit dodgy. Despite the success of Lightning as a character, the games themselves aren’t exactly stellar. So if you’re one of those FF buffs who are skeptical about the release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, that is not exactly hard to understand. However, Square
16 Jan 2014

Pink, Blue, Hotrod Red! New Screenshots for Lightning Returns Flaunts Color Wheel for Outfits, Battle, and More!

The North American version of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is getting closer and closer and with that we get some new screenshots! This time we get a look at the Battle System, environment, menu and events. Among the screenshots we can see that Lightning’s outfits and their colors can be changed – just in
7 Jan 2014

Refreshing Landscapes and In-Game Footage for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Explored in New Video

The North American release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is right the corner and just in time, we get the third and final part of the “Inside the Square” series of videos featuring the new title. Again narrated by the ever-so-lovely voice of Ali Hillis, the new footage of Square Enix’s Lightning Returns development
17 Dec 2013

SquareEnix Flaunts Aeris, Cloud, and Yuna in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

The new Final Fantasy title, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, is already out in Japan, and its only appropriate that Square Enix start pushing out DLC for the brand new game. Lightning, who according to SE is a very popular character, have gone ahead and decided to release a few new costumes for her displayed
11 Dec 2013

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Collector’s Edition Announced for North America

Today, Square Enix announced that a Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Collector’s Edition will be available for North America exclusively on the Square Enix Online Store. Unfortunately, the North American Collector’s Edition is nothing close to the 26,000 yen Ultimate Lightning Box that was released in Japan which included all three XIII games with a special
3 Dec 2013

New Inside the Square Video on the Making of Lightning Returns

There is no shortage of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII news these past few weeks. With the recent successful launch of the game in Japan and the soon-to-come North American launch in February, it’s no wonder that Square is pushing out more details on their new title. This new video is Part 2 of a
21 Nov 2013

Lightning Returns- Special Effects Trailer

Just in time for the Japanese release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, we have a special effects trailer for your viewing pleasure. The video showcases Lightning and the rest of the XIII characters.
8 Nov 2013

Lightning Goes Shopping In This LRFFXIII Video

In the latest video released for Lightning Returns, we get a look at some of the shops in the game, in addition to further looks at the level of customization that can be done to outfits and equipment sets.
26 Sep 2013

New Media- Final Fantasy XIV Meets Lightning Returns

Today, Square Enix released a video shown at the Tokyo Game show detailing some of the content that players can except to see when Lightning visits Eorzea starting November 14th. Players will be able to fight alongside Lightning in one of Final Fantasy XIV’s F.A.T.Es. After completing these battles, players will then be able to
24 Sep 2013

This Is The Beginning Of How The World Ends- LR:FFXIII Opening Cinematic

This past weekend at Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix gave fans a look at the opening cinematic for the upcoming Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. And now we have it for you!  
24 Sep 2013

Represent Your Grand Company With Lightning’s Miqo’te Outfit

We already know about the Miqo’te outfit in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. But we have new information about it now!… which is weird “hey guys new info about a costume!”. Anyway, not only can players dress up as their favorite tail-equipped race from Final Fantasy XIV, but they’ll also be able to use a
21 Aug 2013

The Blasted Fluff Ball Returns In This Lightning Returns Trailer

Check out this new Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII trailer fresh out of Gamescom! Watch as Lightning gets ready to slit Snows throat, battles alongside fang, and as Sazh gets beat up by the Chocobo chick that lives in his fro.
4 Jul 2013

You Got Lightning In My Eorzea

Today, Square Enix announced that Lightning will be coming to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. She’ll be a part of a new questline which will allow players to earn the original costumes for Lightning and Snow (based on gender) in addition to a variety of weapons from Final Fantasy XIII. You can check out
2 Jul 2013

Square Enix Lets You Dress Up As Cloud Strife In Lightning Returns

It’s long been said that Lighting is a female version of Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud. Now, Square Enix is saying “Yes! She totally is! and we have the pre-order bonus to prove it!” Those that pre-order Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will receive “the most epic uniform and weapon from Final Fantasy history” which includes
11 Jun 2013

Square Enix: The Future

This morning Square Enix held a press conference simply titled: “Square Enix: The Future”. There were five titles discussed: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Final Fantasy XV (formerly FInal Fantasy versus XIII), Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns, Final Fantasy X|X2 HD Remaster and Kingdom Hearts III. This was a small conference, not like the
10 Jun 2013

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII E3 Gameplay

Square Enix has released a video showing off some of the gameplay from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. We’ll be on the floor at this years E3 to give it a try and give our thoughts on it later this week!