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4 Jul 2015

First Footage of FFXIV’s Alexander Raid from Japan Expo

Japan Expo is currently happening in Paris and Naoki Yoshida revealed a short video for the upcoming Alexander raid for FFXIV! Famisu Connect! On captured some off screen footage of the video. Keep an eye out as we’re sure to get an official (HQ) version of the video in the coming days. Update: The official video has
8 Jul 2012

Japan Expo Interview With Naoki Yoshida via JeuxOnLine

Yesterday we had a bit of information out of Naoki Yoshida’s stage presentation at Japan Expo including some new concept art, and a real look at some of the new race specific equipment coming in version 2.0. Today we get an English transcript of an interview conducted by JeuxOnLine and several other European FFXIV sites.
7 Jul 2012

Final Fantasy XIV At Japan Expo

This weekend, Naoki Yoshida appeared on stage at Japan Expo to show off some new artwork for Final Fantasy 2.0. Among the images shown were a new map similar to those found in the 2.0 documentation that was released back in October that shows what appears to be some type of observatory in a snowy
8 Jul 2010

News from Twitter, Famitsu and Japan Expo

The past week has revealed a few nuggets of information, most of which has already been fully digested on the forums, but it’s worthwhile to recap what we’ve learned the past week or so since E3.  We’ve seen a few french interviews stemming from the Japan Expo in France, plus one Famitsu article, and some
30 Jun 2010

Hiromichi Tanaka to Present FFXIV at Japan Expo

This coming weekend, Director Hiromichi Tanaka is scheduled to demonstrate Final Fantasy XIV to the crowd attending Europe’s Japan Expo. There have also been rumblings that 2,000 beta keys will be given out to Expo attendees. The presentation is currently scheduled for Saturday July 3 between 14:45 and 15:15. Japan Expo runs from July 1