13 May 2022

Even Further FFXIV Housing Updates – Maintenance Coming on May 16

In Naoki Yoshida’s sixth follow-up post regarding the bug that occurred with the recently implemented housing lottery, he states that we have finally reached an end to the issues. As he mentioned in one of his previous posts, there will be a maintenance on May 16th, though there was no mention of a specific time
19 Apr 2022

Naoki Yoshida Updates FFXIV Players on Housing Lottery Fixes

Since the report of players being affected by bugs as part of the first housing lottery, Final Fantasy XIV’s Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida has posted several updates on the Lodestone. After initially acknowledging the issue and promising a quick investigation into the bug, Square Enix posted a third follow-up on the issue yesterday. In
16 Apr 2022

FFXIV Players Plagued by Housing Lottery Issues

With last week’s patch, Final Fantasy XIV introduced a new lottery system to give players a fairer chance at acquiring an in-game house. As the first lottery period concluded this morning, many players began reporting issues with the system and how it drew the winner numbers. Screenshots are circulating on social media showing “0” as