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4 Oct 2011

Ifrit Is Come! (10/04/2011)

Patch 1.19 will see the introduction of new battle content featuring the primal Ifrit. Read on for the red-hot details.
28 Sep 2011

Bowl Of Embers Loot Is HOT!

In yesterday’s producer letter we got a sneak preview of the Ifrit battle appearing in 1.19. Today we got an even better video: one that shows us the loot you can obtain from taking on the hard version (level 50) of the fight.
27 Sep 2011

Letter from the Producer, XIX

Hello everyone! Yoshi-P here. Sorry to pester you all with another short post, but I had some info to share concerning the release schedule for...
13 Jul 2011

The Community Teams Interview Yoshida In Japan!

Youmukon and Rukkirii from the Community Team had some time during their recent trip to Japan to interview Naoki Yoshida! The interview asks some interesting personal questions as well as asks about the process of developing new content. Check out the full interview after the break!