1 year ago

Review: Evil Wizard

In most games with characters of any sort, typically the one (or ones) you play as is the good guy, who must triumph over evil, or conquer some insurmountable object, or get points by bopping bad guys, or what-have-you. It isn’t too often a game comes around where you get to play the bad guy,
1 year ago

Review: Fashion Police Squad

The interesting thing about the retro FPS revival that’s been happening over the past few years is that in many ways, it has already reached a point wherein you need to have a really strong hook to justify your place in the field. At first, it was just enough to offer a throwback from regenerating
26 Aug 2022

Review: Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed

When it comes to remakes and remasters, one question that always seems to come up is, “How much content can be changed?” For some, a few tweaks and adjustments are perfectly acceptable in the remake of a classic game. Hell, maybe even massive changes are just fine, a la Final Fantasy VII Remake. For others,
28 Feb 2022

Review: Shadow Warrior 3

While Devolver Digital is known for publishing everything from the quiet and emotional Gris to the gory and violent Carrion, the publishing studio itself is known for having a snarky, off-kilter sense of humor. Watching any of their E3 “press conferences” is a quick way to see what the studio is about (and a rabbit
10 Sep 2019

PAX West 2019 Hands-on: Journey to the Savage Planet

It seems to be a trend recently in games to tell serious, “deep,” or dark stories. Something to try and grip your attention, affect your emotions, or just…you know, be violent and aggressive. I’m not complaining, I’m a sucker for games with melancholic tones. If a video game can create feeling in my cold dead
8 Sep 2012

Soken Forgets To Wear Knee-Highs, Dalamud Impact Imminent

With yesterday’s release of the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn presentation from the 25th anniversary event in Japan, we learned that Composer Masayoshi Soken took on Dalamud in an attempt to stop it from descending. Why would a man attempt to take on the falling moon by himself? It’s a fair question and one
9 Jul 2011

Follow-Up Kliskpinion: What If It Isn’t A Kingdom Hearts MMO?

The main thing that makes a KH MMO a difficult sell is the fact that, well, let me sum it up: Disney. They’re not going to particularly want their characters on an ever evolving online world where their franchise(s) could, arguably, be slandered and graffiti’d by online hooligans. The ‘Disney Factor’ cannot be forgotten, and
21 Jun 2011

Wii U, The Future, And Seriously?

I won’t go into Nintendo’s stock dropping soon after E3, nor will I deny the fact that Nintendo is at least trying to be hardcore. It is, however, a bit akin to the moment where you realize your best friend; The one whom has a huge legendary high school reputation for heroism and fearlessness, has