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1 year ago

Aetheryte Radio 230: The Unending Journey (Part 2)

Got your socks on? 'Cause we're gonna knock 'em off with today's discussion about FFXIV's evolution through Heavensward! But first, we give you a quick rundown of Patch 6.2's Preliminary Notes!
25 Jun 2018

A Night at the Eorzean Symphony

After a long week at E3, a few members of the Gamer Escape staff were fortunate enough to attend one of only two performances in North America for Eorzean Symphony. After the Final Fantasy XIV orchestra concert in Japan last September, we hoped that the show would make it overseas. When we talked to FFXIV
3 Jun 2015

Heavensward Branded PS4, Vita and Vita TV Coming to Japan

Announced today, Japan will be getting special Heavensward branded versions of the PlayStation 4 (in black and white) as well as white versions of the PlayStation Vita and the Vita TV. While there hasn’t been any announcements regarding the release of these in other regions, the chances of them coming over are probably non-existant. However, the
26 May 2015

Heavensward Site Update

Today the Heavensward official website saw an update bringing in character bios as well as information on new areas and Primals and Beastmen. You can check out the full site here and some brand new images in the gallery below.
1 May 2015

Heavensward: Fat Chocobos Will Fly

In what is sure to have a fantastic bit of information in the mount guide, Naoki Yoshida gave us a gift for his birthday today: leaked screenshots! The one isn’t terrible exciting offering a nice view from the top of a building, but the other (above) might just be one of the most majestic creatures
30 Apr 2015

Could Coerthas Eastern Lands Be Coming?

Ah, Masayoshi Soken. When he’s not too busy being a fantastically entertaining man on Twitter, Final Fantasy XIV’s Sound Director is giving us tiny little hints about things we might see in the future. Today’s hint is the possibility that we might be seeing the addition of not only the Coerthas Western Highlands (as already
11 Apr 2015

Heavensward Opening Cinematic

The wait is over! The opening cinematic for Heavensward is here!
7 Mar 2015

Heavensward Launch Details Released

The release details of Heavensward have been confirmed! Pre-orders will begin on March 16th for both the stand-alone expansion and an all-in-one bundle with A Realm Reborn for new players. The bundle will also be released for Mac! The expansion will officially be released on June 23rd, and those who pre-order will be granted early access
12 Feb 2015

FFXIV Heavensward Panel Announced For PAX East

The Schedule for PAX East has just been announced! Attendees might be interested to know that there will be a panel focusing on the upcoming expansion for Final Fantasy XIV. “Talking Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward with Naoki Yoshida” will be held on Saturday, March 7th at noon in the Albatross theatre. Join FINAL FANTASY XIV
22 Jan 2015

New Nvidia Driver Includes SLI Profile for DX11 FFXIV

A new driver released by Nvidia for their GeForce graphics cards contains Final Fantasy XIV support by featuring an SLI profile for the DirectX 11 version of the game. Yoshida showed off a video of their in-progress work of the DirectX 11 client at the Tokyo Fan Festival which showed off upgraded screen space ambient occlusion
21 Oct 2014

Heavensward: Everything We Know

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward has been announced! But what does that mean? What type of features and content can we look forward to in FFXIV 3.0? Read on for all of the information that we’ve been able to put together so far! Post updated with information from: Las Vegas Fan Fest London Fan Fest Tokyo
21 Oct 2014

Fan Fest 2014 Interview With Naoki Yoshida

This past weekend at Fan Fest in Las Vegas we got to sit down and talk with Naoki Yoshida about some of the announcements from the event as well as other topics!