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31 Dec 2019

Bring in the New Year in Final Fantasy XIV with Heavensturn

Final Fantasy XIV’s Heavensturn New Year event is now live! Allowing players to take part in a seasonal quest to partake in the festive customs of delegates from the Far East which will reward them with Nezumi Kabutos, a new tabletop furniture item, and fireworks! For more information, make sure to check out the official
30 Dec 2014

A Hitsuji For Heavensturn!

Heavensturn is upon us at last, and once more the Twelve gather to determine who among them shall take the celestial vanguard in the coming year. As the deities of Eorzea convene to discuss matters of the divine, Far Eastern emissaries have arrived in their lands, heralding the advent of a different figurehead. Though they
1 Jan 2012

Heavensturn: Gone with the Snow

With the kind aid of countless adventurers, preparations for the Winter’s Knell festival had been proceeding smoothly. Yet it appears fate had other ideas—an incident has occurred at the venue, on the very day the ritual was due to be held. Th...
28 Dec 2011


Another twelve moons have waxed and waned over Eorzea, and the time is upon us once more when it is determined which of the gods will rise to dominance in the coming year. Aye, the season of Heavensturn is here. Read on to learn more.