5 months ago

Hardware Review: Nacon RIG 900 MAX HX Gaming Headset

Not too long ago, I covered a then-recently released RIG headset, the 600 PRO HS. One of the cheaper items in the product line, it was pretty good, but a step back from some of their past models. Now, as we approach the holidays, I had the opportunity to look at Nacon’s highest end headset:
16 Sep 2022

Hardware Review: Fifine Ampligame H6 Gaming Headset

People don’t often consider gamers to be the kind of people who are also audiophiles. More often than not, the concern is more along the lines of “is the game fun” than it is “am I able to get theater quality audio from a gaming headset.” It shouldn’t be a surprise the focus is often
10 Aug 2022

Hardware Review: Nacon RIG 800 PRO Gaming Headset

If you’re a modern gamer, you very likely have or want to have headphones of some variety so you can enjoy your favorite games (and often their music) to their fullest without disturbing others. Particularly in the last decade or two, numerous companies have taken on the challenge of creating a good audio experience from
30 Aug 2021

Hardware Review: VZR Model One Headset

Good quality sound is very important to me in my media. I can’t enjoy movies or console gaming without my full surround sound speaker setup. I’m more than happy to shell out a couple hundred bucks for quality headphones for my PC. On the other hand, I wouldn’t really consider myself an “audiophile.” Sure, I’m
28 Nov 2020

Hardware Review: Astro A20 Gen 2 Headset

If there’s one piece of gaming kit that I’m willing to drop stacks of cash on, it’s a quality headset. I’m no audiophile, but sound quality in games and music is still incredibly important to me…perhaps due to my background in music and radio.
30 Jul 2019

Hardware Review: Turtle Beach Recon Spark

For being someone with a pretty deep background in music, it's kind of odd that I've never really thought twice about the kind of headphones I use with my various consoles or devices. I've often been the kind of person that'll drop hundreds of dollars on some new electronic thing, but pair it with some cheapo $10 earbuds from the local drugstore.