14 Apr 2022

New Optional Items and Sale on the FFXIV Online Store

With the start of the new Hatching-Tide event today, players can now purchase older event items on the FFXIV Online Store for a discounted price. These include outfits, mounts, bardings, and housing items. The sale period is from Wednesday, April 13th at 1:00 a.m. (PDT) / 8:00 (GMT) / 18:00 (AEST) to Monday, May 9th
2 Apr 2019

Hatching Tide Rolls In On April 9th

Another year of Hatching-tide festivities arrives in Eorzea on April 9th, so it’s time to once again find out what spectacular decorations Jihli Aliapoh will come up this year.
1 Apr 2015


The realm is alive with the vibrance of spring, made vivid with rolling green hills and crystal blue skies. Winter’s frigid embrace seems a distant memory, soon forgotten as we welcome springtime’s most joyous celebration: Hatching-tide. Jihli Aliapoh, founder of the festival, has been blessed with yet another premonition, and has worked tirelessly to see
4 Apr 2014


The Calamity has forever altered the realm, but the traditions which unite her peoples remain strong in the face of adversity. As we welcome the gentle breezes and sun-kissed days of spring, so too do we welcome one such tradition come to enliven our spirits: Hatching-tide. Though preparations for the festivities are well underway, an
11 Apr 2012

Hatching-tide: Shell-Shocked

In contrast to the inaugural Hatching-tide, this year’s event was scripted from the ground up, egg thefts and all. As the curtains descended upon the festivities, however, it would seem not all proceeded according to plan... The Raven, Gridania’s...
26 Mar 2012

Hatching-tide: Scrambled Eggs

Nigh a year has come and gone since Hatching-tide, that fledging festival of eggs and Archons, was held. The event so captured the imagination of the populace, rumors abound that it is set to become a regular fixture upon the Eorzean calendar. Upon ca...