10 months ago

Aetheryte Radio 265: Patch 6.5 Hands-On

Patch 6.5, the conclusion of our Void journey(?) and a hot, divisive topic amongst the community! Which side will each of us fall on? Listen in to see if you agree!
11 months ago

Hands-On: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge – Dimension Shellshock

Throwing in additional content for any game can be a gamble from time to time. Sometimes it can be an experiment that turns into a new title, such as Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands being presented as DLC for a prior game turned into its own adventure later on. Other times it ends up being a simple
1 year ago

Preview: Final Fantasy XVI

Warring nations. Broken families. People that can turn into literal gods. A massive shift in tone, but still a familiarity that feels like returning home. A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to visit Square Enix HQ in Los Angeles, California, to finally experience a greatly anticipated upcoming title years in the making: Final
15 Jan 2023

Aetheryte Radio 240: Patch 6.3 Hands-On

It's Patch 6.3 first impressions time with Aldianaux, Fusion, and Xenedra- NO SPOILERS! Mostly.
31 Oct 2022

Aetheryte Radio 237: Patch 6.25 Hands-On

"The best .05 patch ever!" - FusionX 2022, totally paraphrased That's right, this is a good 'un! Join the full team as we chat about the latest FFXIV patch and how much we've enjoyed it!
11 Sep 2022

PAX West Hands-on: Demonschool

“This looks just like old school Persona!” That’s the reaction I heard ringing out from everyone who saw Demonschool on the PAX West show floor. And, to be honest, it’s hard to blame them. An inferred school setting, the isometric camera view present in many screenshots, battle screens with large tall sprites…it does look vaguely
7 Sep 2022

Hands-On: Beyond the Wire

If there was a “dad” version of any genre of gaming, it would absolutely be the “historically accurate FPS” side of the whole spectrum. Oftentimes, they revolve around World War I and II, though the focus tends to lean towards pivotal battles or specific battlefields that try to emulate the feel of the era they’re
29 Aug 2022

Aetheryte Radio 231: Patch 6.2 Hands-On (No MSQ Spoilers!)

Fusion, Aldianaux, and Rook talk about Island Sanctuary! Or… was it Patch 6.2 as a whole…? Either way, everyone is a beautiful animal today on Aetheryte Radio!
31 May 2021

Aetheryte Radio 199: Patch 5.55 Hands-On

Patch 5.55 is here, and that's a wrap on the MSQ for Shadowbringers! But don't worry, this week's show is as spoiler free as it can be as we discuss initial feelings about the end of the Shadowbringers story, our time so far in Zadnor, and the other sprinkling of content we got from the patch.
18 Apr 2021

Aetheryte Radio 195: Patch 5.5 Hands-On

Patch 5.5 is HERE and we've got our hands ALL over it! Join the Aetheryte Radio crew for a SPOILER FREE show on our initial impressions.
14 Dec 2020

Aetheryte Radio 185: Patch 5.4 Hands-On

How was your first week of Patch 5.4? Ours was a fantastic roller coaster and we're here to tell you ALL about it! But don't worry, we're saving the spoilers for next week, so if you're not 100% through the content, this episode is safe for you!
19 Oct 2020

Hands-on: Planet Coaster Console Edition

“Inspire and be inspired as you create, manage, and share the world’s greatest coaster parks with friends and content creators around the world.” As a player who was indeed inspired by games such as RollerCoaster Tycoon and Zoo Tycoon, I’ve been keeping a curious eye on the revival of the franchise by Frontier Developments. When
2 Sep 2020

Preview: Dirt 5 – Playground Mode

Despite the name, Dirt 5 is not actually the fifth installment in an epic JRPG series about the soil beneath our feet. I know, I was a bit disappointed too, but that was tempered by the fact I totally just made that up. No, it’s a game in which you race about with other cars
12 Jul 2020

Hands-On: Darius Cozmic Collection Console

It was hard to deny how pervasive horizontal shoot-’em-ups were in the late 1980s and early 1990s. These tough-as-nails quarter munchers were in many an arcade at that time. Because of that high difficulty, it took a high skill set to even be able to make any progression in these games. Didn’t matter if it
28 Apr 2020

Hands-On: Paradise Killer

When I read the broad summary of Paradise Killer, I wasn’t actually sure what to expect from it. Having sat down and played the game for an hour as part of the LudoNarraCon online experience… I still don’t. This is not an accident.
12 Apr 2020

Hands-On: Stronghold: Warlords

It can be really hard to show off a strategy game in any sort of demo form, simply because strategy games are usually lengthy affairs that require elaborate tutorials just to get you up to speed. That’s not a bad thing, but it means that most of these games rather defy the ability to just
12 Mar 2020

PAX East 2020 Hands-on: Disjunction

Developers Ape Tribe Games set out with a mission: evoke the feeling of classic RPGs while allowing players true agency of choice and strategy. This focus became the heart of their upcoming Cyberpunk title, Disjunction, set to release summer 2020 and published by Sold Out. The year is 2048 and the city of New York
10 Mar 2020

PAX East 2020 Hands-on: Streets of Rage 4

Developers Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games are reviving the renowned Streets of Rage series in a beautifully animated fourth installment. Published by Dotemu, Streets of Rage 4 is coming to PC and major consoles in Spring 2020. I was able to sit down for some co-op with developer Cyrille Lagarigue of Guard Crush at PAX
10 Mar 2020

PAX East 2020 Hands-on: Ghostrunner

Ghostrunner, the new Cyberpunk title from developers One More Level and publishers All In! Games is redefining what makes for a satisfying challenge in the action-platformer genre. At PAX East 2020, I had the chance to take up the sword and launch myself through the fast-paced, no holds barred demo, and I have to say,
9 Mar 2020

PAX East 2020 Hands-on: A Fold Apart

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Yet, even with technology making communication easier than ever, long distance relationships are rife with their own complications, joy, and heartache. Lightning Rod Games is seeking to explore love from this perspective in their imminent 2020 release A Fold Apart. I had the pleasure of playing through the demo