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18 Feb 2011

Hails From Hydaelyn Episode 2: Who Are You Again?

Sorry for the delay! The second episode of Hails From Hydaelyn is here! Callers on this show include: Amrita, Carlita, Auronous Who is that fellow over there with the strange voice? Episode 2 of Hails From Hydaelyn is finally released! Join us as we welcome the ever elusive Chase Solkani to the show as we
21 Dec 2010

Hails From Hydaelyn Episode 1: Throat Stab

It’s finally here. The first episode of Hails From Hydaelyn! Callers on this show include: Teiruzu, Tragicnate, Xbob42, Soulrift, Ashne, Yondaime, Lukus, and Rhomagus. In this groundbreaking episode, Xyle Harkyn and Eskalisa Ryumasa are joined by Aetheryte Radio hosts Fusionx Griever and Aniero Gregori to discuss with our callers the dramatic restructuring of Final Fantasy
10 Dec 2010

Hails From Hydaelyn Live Show December 11th 8PM EST!

The debut of Hails From Hydaelyn originally scheduled for last night was held off due to a few complications. However with the huge news today we’re pushing forward and are excited to announce that the Hails From Hydaelyn will be premiering tomorrow night (December 11th) at 8PM EST. The HFH crew will be accompanied by
2 Dec 2010

Hails From Hydaelyn Premiering One Week From Today!

Without further adieu, we are proud to announce the first live show of Hails From Hydaelyn! The show will begin at 10:00 PM (EST) on Thursday December 9th, which is approximately one week from today! The show will be broadcast live over Ustream. We’ll also be using our new live page that we’ve set up
4 Nov 2010

Announcing Hails From Hydaelyn!

From the hosts of the hit Limit Break Radio Network Show “Voices of Vana’diel” comes Hails From Hydaelyn! The hosts from Voices of Vana’diel are lending their talents to the Aetheryte Radio Network to create Final Fantasy XIV’s first call in Podcast! The show will center on the player as they call in about any