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3 months ago

FFXIV Letter from the Producer Live LXXIX Summary

During this week’s Tokyo Game Show, Naoki Yoshida held the 79th Letter from the Producer LIVE, detailing the last major patch for Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. Patch 6.5, Growing Light, will release on Tuesday, October 3, with more minor patches coming later down the line. You can watch the trailer right here, with all the
4 months ago

FFXIV Letter From the Producer LIVE from NA Fan Fest Teases 6.5 Content

Day 2 of the North American Fan Fest is underway and while some players are still in awe about yesterday’s first details on the Dawntrail expansion announcement, there’s a lot that still stands between today and the release of 7.0. Some of that was shown off during today’s Letter from the Producer LIVE 78. As