31 Dec 2018

Gamer Escape’s Top 5 Reviewed Games of 2018

As the final hours of 2018 tick down, it’s about that time again for us to take a look back at my little corner of the Gamer Escape empire! In our continuing efforts to make Gamer Escape the only website you need to visit for all of your gaming needs, we have again grown the
13 Dec 2018

Review: Gris

Shock to the Senses Have you ever come across a piece of art that just immediately strikes you as something special? Something that reminds you of your love for the medium as soon as you lay your eyes on it? That’s the feeling I had immediately after going hands on with the demo of Gris
16 Sep 2018

PAX West 2018 Hands-on: Gris

As the “video games as art” debate continues to rage on, this past decade has seen the rise of a genre I like to refer to as the artistic platformer. These are games that present themselves as rather simple 2D platformers, but attempt to tell a story or evoke emotion through their presentation and gameplay.