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13 Jan 2017

Details And Giveaways For The 100th Episode of Aetheryte Radio 1

We’re excited to announce that our 100th episode will go live on Twitch Saturday, January 21st at 2:00 PM ET! We’re going to be talking about our hands-on time with Patch 3.5 The Far Edge of Fate, discussing our latest Lorecraft and Loretrain pieces as well as revealing something new for Gamer Escape and the
7 Dec 2015

Mog Station Mondays This December!

Tis the season, and we here at Gamer Escape want to give back to the amazing community that continues to support us. Every Monday throughout December, we’re going to be giving away Mog Station gift codes for the new White Devil and Red Baron mounts! One will be given away on Twitter and the other on Facebook! Make sure to
1 Jun 2014

Japanese Digital Store Offering Infinity Series for Free

I’ve written a number of articles in the past concerning visual novels. Some may be thinking right now “Oh boy, another post about non-games!” in a nice sarcastic tone. I’ve always stood by the “don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it” mentality when it comes to these kind of games. After all, I was never
12 Jul 2013

UPDATE: Win a Yoshida autographed “Meteor Survivor” polo!

Only a few days to go before this contest ends – and we have some pretty good odds right now! At the moment you have about a 1 in 350 chance of winning. Supporter odds you ask? 1 in 23 right now! Those are what I call some good odds. That said, we want to
27 Jun 2013

Win a Yoshida autographed “Meteor Survivor” polo!

As most everyone who has been following the development of A Realm Reborn, at this year’s E3 Square Enix was giving away a “Meteor Survivor” polo shirt to anyone lucky, or skilled, enough to defeat the Ifrit battle.  In case you missed, you can check out Yoshida himself participating in the battle on Day 2.
26 Jun 2013

FFXIV:ARR NA Beta Key (PC) Giveaway (Round II)

Phase 3 of the beta test for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm reborn is in full swing with two weekends already under its belt! But what’s that? You’re not in the beta test for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn? You haven’t been able to see all of the new and exciting changes to the
17 Apr 2013

FFXIV:ARR NA Beta Key Giveaway

The beta test for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm reborn is in full swing! Currently phase 2 is underway which allows players to test the brand new gamepad UI which was designed specifically for those that wish to play the game with a controller. But what’s that? You’re not in the beta test for Final
17 Jun 2011

Win Some E3 Swag From Gamer Escape!

With most of our E3 write-ups complete, we thought we would close out our E3 coverage with a bang – or more precisely… a give-away!  We had a great time at E3 2011 this year and got to check out a lot of games that will be dropping over the next year or so, but
20 May 2011

Gamer Escape Wakfu Beta Key Giveaway!

  Not only have we been hard at work creating a wiki and forums for WAKFU, but we’ve teamed up with Square Enix to give away 250 WAKFU closed beta keys!  Come join us in The World of Twelve. Click here to test your luck!