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13 Feb 2020

Review: Daemon X Machina

Every so often, you find a game that seems so perfectly targeted to your particular flavors of fascination and enjoyment that it seems like it should, nay, must have been made specifically for you. That is precisely the case for Daemon X Machina, which feels somehow like thirteen-year-old me was given a production role in
10 Dec 2019

Review: MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

2019 has shaped up to look like the year for a handful of long dormant franchises with dedicated fanbases finally getting the follow up they’ve been wanting for ages. I ended up in that camp being one of the people who were excited enough to throw money at Yu Suzuki’s Kickstarter campaign to see the
30 May 2019

Review: Gato Roboto

What do you want to accomplish when you're creating a game? Do you want to make a splash, create something that moves a genre (or the industry) forward, and is full of innovation? Or would you rather take an existing formula, put a personal touch on it, and just do it really really well?
26 May 2019

Review: Project Nimbus: Complete Edition

World War 3, a yet-to-exist event many a video game has been centered around, has ended. The surface of Earth has been destroyed, and people now reside in giant flying cities in the sky. And so begins the backdrop for Project Nimbus: Complete Edition...