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2 months ago

Hardware Review: DXRacer Air Series Mesh Gaming Chair

Here’s the thing about any kind of gaming chair – it’s simultaneously one of the least important and most important decisions that you’re going to make when it comes to your personal setup. On the one hand, well, it’s a chair. It’s a place to sit. It’s not a game, it doesn’t make your PC
9 months ago

Hardware Review: EwinRacing Champion Gaming Chair (Redux)

WFH Furnishings Back in August of 2019, before COVID-19 was a term, perhaps before it was even in existence, and therefore before people were working from home and spending countless extra hours in their desk chairs, we reviewed EwinRacing’s Champion Gaming Chair. Scoring an impressive 9/10 at that time, we thought it prudent to to
21 Aug 2019

Hardware Review: EwinRacing Champion Gaming Chair

When you're going about putting together a gaming PC setup, what are the first things on your mind to purchase? Do you plan to put all your money toward super high-end components, maybe two or three fancy 4K monitors? Perhaps you're the kind of person that maxes out their credit cards on RGB lighting to get the flashiest battlestation around?