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20 Sep 2013

Game Watch Interviews Naoki Yoshida – Part 1

Greetings to all the Subligar loving fans out there! Subligar-man Reinheart is the name, and I am here on Gamer Escape to deliver you all the translation goodies. Some of you may know me from Final Fantasy XIV version 1.0 and A Real Reborn Alpha, Beta, and our current official forums. Today I bring you
18 Sep 2010

Final Fantasy XIV in 3D? Think again…

News has been floating around on the forums about a trailer for Final Fantasy XIV being shown in 3D as part of Sony’s press conference at Tokyo Game Show this week. That news hasn’t appeared on the front page because there hasn’t been any way to confirm what people were saying, that FFXIV was going
17 Aug 2010

More Gridania and Ul’dah Love From GameWatch

GameWatch has posted a plethora of brand new screenshots showing off the city states of Gridania and Ul’dah. Images include beaufitul scenic shots as well as a preview of the story that players will be introduced to when starting their adventure in these cities. Head over to their website and check out the images for
24 Jun 2010

E3 2010 FFXIV Information Compilation

Eorzeapedia wasn’t the only website attending this year’s E3 with an eye on the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV. Several other media sites were there, and they also got some hands on time with the latest build of the game as well as a chance to sit down with FFXIV Producer Hiromichi Tanaka. Now that everyone
24 Jun 2010

GAME Watch E3 Interview

Every so often Japanese gaming news website GAME Watch carries articles about Final Fantasy XIV.  Representatives from the site were present at E3 and had a chance to sit down with Producer Hiromichi Tanaka and US Producer Kurosawa Yasu. This interview is very similar to the one from Dengeki, enough to make me think they
28 Sep 2009

GAME Watch Interviews Tanaka and Komoto at TGS

A surprise interview!  GAME Watch got to spend a little bit of time with both Producer Hiromichi Tanaka and Director Nobuaki Komoto at Tokyo Game Show this past week.  The two dropped by Makuhari Messe for the interview, which was conducted in the public lobby area.  They talked about the trailer and the upcoming beta
4 Jun 2009

Japanese Media Covers Final Fantasy XIV at E3

Elmer over at ZAM has written up a summary from three popular Japanese news sources (GameWatch, 4Gamer, Famitsu) who all got the chance to sit down with Hiromichi Tanaka and Nobuaki Komoto after the Square Enix E3 press conference on Wednesday. In the information given, Tanaka mentions that initially, they wanted to add a second