One Last Continue: Interview with Tanaka and Sundi

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One Last Continue, an alternative gaming news site, has posted their interview with Hiromichi Tanaka and Sage Sundi.  There are some interesting tidbits not found in other interviews so make sure you visit their site and read through it. Interview highlights: The game was built for the PC first and then ported to PS3 The PS3 version will have keyboard/mouse support Cutscenes will have voice acting Guildleves allow use of the Aetheryte transit system as well as access to restricted …

[Op-Ed] Hands on at Gamescom: A detailed report

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Hello everybody! I hardly have any new information, but I decided to give you a report of most of my Gamescom experience and go into detail when it comes to FFXIV.  I’m not a native English speaker, but I still hope you have a decent read. Grab a snack because I’m not going to skip any detail, here we go…

ZAM and PlayStation Blog: Interview with Tanaka

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Gamescom is over but the information and interviews are still coming out. We’ve seen interviews from sites like Famitsu and 4Gamer. Dengeki has not published their interview but chances are they are leaving it for Dengeki PlayStation magazine. Now we have a joint interview done by Thayos from ZAM and Chris Morell from PlayStation Blog.   There are some interesting tidbits in there that confirm some theories and blow others out of the water. Quick Overview: Current status for the Miqo’te …

A Closer Look At The Alpha User Interface

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Last week during Gamescom in Cologne, Germany we got our very first look at Final Fantasy XIV as Square Enix revealed a playable version of the game’s alpha build. During the event, several images were released showing off the new user interface. We’ve gone ahead and translated the images so that those of you who don’t read Japanese or German can get a better understanding of what we’re actually seeing.

Tanaka makes presentation at Intel booth

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Final Fantasy XIV Producer Hiromichi Tanaka along with another member of Square Enix’s staff gave a presentation on FFXIV using chip-maker Intel’s presentation stage located in their booth. This isn’t the first time Intel has partnered up with SE. Back at Vanafest 2008, a large number of the ads on the screens prior to the start of the event were from Intel. The presentation contents were pretty much identical to the presentation at SE’s booth. The crowded roared as soon …

4Gamer Interview with Tanaka and Sundi (Part 2)

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This is Part 2 of our coverage of 4Gamer’s interview with Hiromichi Tanaka and Sage Sundi. In it, we learn about the battle system in FFXIV and get some more hints relating to character creation. (You can find part 1 here.) How to play FFXIV People attending gamescom had the chance to try out a playable alpha build and test the guildleve system. Sundi would like people to understand that this was just to show off the system and it …

4Gamer Interview with Tanaka and Sundi (Part 1)

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One thing you can count on is that the Japanese press are given access and interviews even at foreign events. It could be a big event like E3 or a small event like Fan Festival for FFXI. The next website to publish their interview with Final Fantasy XIV Producer Hiromichi Tanaka and Global Online Producer Sage Sundi is Japanese gaming website 4Gamer. 4Gamer focuses on online gaming and has kept us up to date on FFXI for years. Let’s see …

Tanaka plays FFXIV (video from Famitsu)

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Now you too can hear about FFXIV straight from Tanaka. The video is in Japanese but it’s still fun to watch him play versus video of people playing that haven’t a clue how to use the controls. (Not their fault! Tanaka’s had time to practice.) Famitsu divided the video up into two parts. Enjoy! PART 1 PART 2

Famitsu: Interview with Hiromichi Tanaka

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A longer interview was conducted at gamescom by Famitsu with Hiromichi Tanaka. Tanaka showed off the alpha build while answering questions, giving us hints as to how guildleves work as well as more information about the battle system. At the end, he talks about how he thinks game testing will proceed and his thoughts on when we’ll see an open beta. One thing gamescom attendees have commented on is that the playable version shown used a mouse and keyboard. This …

Famitsu: Interview with Sage Sundi

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Don’t expect anything from the magazines this week. Dengeki PlayStation won’t go on sale until next week and there is nothing in Weekly Famitsu either. That’s ok though because everything we need is already on the net, free for anybody to read. First off, interviews with FFXIV Producer Hiromichi Tanaka and FFXIV Global Producer Sage Sundi from Famitsu. Gamescom is the first time we’ve seen Sundi give an interview with the press concerning FFXIV, establishing that he has the same …