6 months ago

Review: Airship: Kingdoms Adrift

When you dive into the video game sea, sometimes you can uncover a hidden gem. Other times, maybe not so much. But it’s always an adventure regardless, and in the sea that is my email inbox, I came across something that looked a bit different, yet intriguing. The media featured what looked like classic sailing
1 year ago

Review: 9 Years Of Shadows

After I was most of the way through 9 Years of Shadows, I asked our review editor if I was allowed to simply post an image to review the game. He was… not enthusiastic about that being the entire review, so I will instead write a full review. But I will include the image itself
8 Aug 2022

Review: Tyrant’s Blessing

Despite what seems to have become de rigeur for the gaming industry, making a game a roguelike is not actually cruise control for making it a game with endless content. In fact, I can think of a lot of games lately that have tried to keep themselves engaging by making themselves into roguelikes when neither
11 Jul 2022

Review: Neon Blight

I do not, to this day, remember how I first learned about Recettear. But it remains, years later, one of my favorite games and an absolute delight to play through front-to-back. Sure, most of the characters were broad archetypes rather than being well-developed individuals with rich inner lives, and it was clearly a small title
13 Apr 2022

Review: Cat Cafe Manager

It takes very little effort – bordering on no effort – to get me interested in the prospect of a cat cafe. My two cats are two of the most important living things on the planet to me, and I love cats in general. They’re stupid furry pillows full of knives who vibrate and make
16 Jun 2021

Everything Announced at the E3 2021 Freedom Games Showcase

Alongside the highly anticipated showcases from huge brands and corporations such as Xbox, Square Enix, Capcom, and Nintendo, E3 gives many other publishers and developers a chance to showcase their works. One such case is Freedom Games, a publisher that makes it their mission to ‘provide support to independent developers where it (is) most needed
15 Jun 2021

Review: Dark Deity

When it comes to the Fire Emblem franchise, there’s a hard cut-off point between the entries fans consider “classic and hardcore” and “modern and casual:” Fire Emblem Awakening. According to some of the fanbase, after Awakening, the franchise lost some of the elements that drew in its original base in exchange for bringing in a