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11 Aug 2016

Florence + the Machine – Songs from Final Fantasy XV

Today on iTunes, a new album by Florence + the Machine appeared titled “Songs from Final Fantasy XV”. It features three tracks: Too Much Is Never Enough Stand By Me I Will Be The album has a release date listed as August 12th so we should see it start to pop up in other iTunes stores
15 Jun 2016

Hands On: PlayStation VR

After Sony’s E3 press conference, we got the chance to sit down with PSVR and check out two of the many demos they had available for attendees to try. We here at Gamer Escape have previously had the chance out Oculus, Star VR and Google Cardboard, and we all agree that so far PSVR’s initial impression left
1 Feb 2016

Infiltrating A Base In Final Fantasy XV

This past weekend, Square Enix held another Active Time Report for Final Fantasy XV. In it, they released a brand new video (above) that shows Noctis and the gang infiltrating an imperial base. The footage shows a bit of stealth mixed in with some battle game play and… a Dragoon! This video has a Dragoon!
16 Sep 2015

Final Fantasy XV: Dawn 2.0 Trailer Drops at TGS

A brand new trailer for Final Fantasy XV, Dawn 2.0, has been released along with some new screenshots and artwork!
23 Feb 2015

New Screenshots Released For Final Fantasy XV’s Upcoming Demo

I can still remember back in the day when you could pick up issues of some gaming magazine that would contain the fabled “demo disk” that had previews of all the great upcoming titles. These days, demo disks are a thing in of the past and having the ability to to simply download whatever demos are
17 Sep 2014

Take A Road Trip In This New Final Fantasy XV Trailer

After a lot of silence regarding the game since its name change, a brand new trailer has been released for Final Fantasy XV with the start of this years Tokyo Game Show. Check it out!
26 May 2013

Square Enix Takes The XIII Out Of Agito In Latest Trademark

In an interesting move that will only run to super crazy speculation by fans, Square Enix has trademarked “Final Fantasy Agito”. Some of you out there may remember that thing way back in the day known as Fabula Nova Crystallis. The idea was to have a variety of games for Final Fantasy, namely the ‘XIII’
15 Mar 2013


In Japan, a fashion brand known as Roen provided some costume work back in 2008 for a game known to the world as FINAL FANTASY VERSUS XIII. Since then… well, we haven’t really heard much about the game. It’s on the same page as Half Life 2 Episode 3 and The Last Guardian at this