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1 year ago

Square Enix Just Re-uploaded the FFXIV 1.0 Cinematic and We Don’t Know Why

Last night, Square Enix re-uploaded the FFXIV 1.0 cinematic to its Final Fantasy XIV YouTube channel. But why? Could it be that with Endwalker early access starting later this week, the publisher wishes to remind people of what came before for nostalgia’s sake as we get ready to wrap up the Hydaelyn and Zodiark saga?
24 Sep 2014

Destiny’s Problems Are Familiar Ones

Back in September of 2010, Square Enix’s long-awaited MMO, Final Fantasy XIV, launched to anything but rave reviews. The game had several issues that plagued it and yet, the game had a following that spent hours upon hours playing the game. Two weeks ago, Bungie’s highly anticipated game, Destiny, launched to a mixed reception. While playing