23 Apr 2022

FFXIV Brings Back FFXI Crossover Event: The Maiden’s Rhapsody

With Square Enix celebrating Final Fantasy XI‘s 20th anniversary this year, they are bringing one of its crossover events back to Final Fantasy XIV: The Maiden’s Rhapsody. The event will be live from Thursday, April 28, 2022 at 1:00 a.m. to Wednesday, May 18, 2022 at 7:59 a.m. (PDT) / Thursday, 28 April at 8:00
10 May 2017

The May Version Update Has Landed!

The third step of the Escutcheon questline makes an appearance this month, together with some high-level synthesis recipes of an extreme difficulty level, each producing Superior 3 equipment usable with a new gift being introduced! On the battlefront, the monthly changes to Ambuscade are available, the Ark Angel TT has been added to the alter
10 May 2017

Announcing the 15th Vana’versary Mog Bonanza!

This year marks the 15th anniversary of FINAL FANTASY XI’s release. In celebration of this momentous occasion and in thanks for your steadfast support, we will be holding the 15th Vana’versary Mog Bonanza! In addition to the usual slew of wonderful prizes, the luckiest of the lucky will receive the Onion Sword II cosmetic item!
3 May 2017

The 15th Vana’versary Adventurer Appreciation Campaign

It’s that time of year again! Final Fantasy XI launched May 16, 2002 in Japan for the PlayStation 2 and this year marks it’s 15th anniversary. While we’re sure to get even juicier items, events and bonuses once the May Version Update lands, here’s a list of campaigns that will be active during the period.
14 Nov 2016

The Evolution of Final Fantasy XI: Community Live Stream

Over the past couple of years the world of Vana’diel has changed in many new and exciting ways, and if you’ve been on an adventuring hiatus for a bit, there’s a good chance you might have missed out on some of the great quality-of-life changes that make it easier than ever to adventure throughout Vana’diel.
7 Aug 2016

FFXI Development Team Reddit AMA

Towards the tail end of July, the FFXI Development Team titans Producer Akihiko Matsui and Director Yoji Fujito stopped by Reddit to field some questions from the masses.
2 May 2016

Check Out This Final Fantasy XI Virtual Reality Chat Room!

Anyone remember .hack//SIGN? It was an anime that hit the States back in the early 2000’s on Adult Swim that was set in the fictitious MMORPG, “The World”, a game that was conceptually ahead of our time utilizing virtual reality (VR) headsets in place of a standard screen. While we’re still years away from VR
27 Apr 2016

Final Fantasy XI Reboot- A First Look

This week at the Nexon Developers Conference, the first ever images of the new Final Fantasy Mobile game were shown and wound up on a Japanese blog, the images bearing the title, “Final Fantasy XI Reboot”. As many of you well remember, back in March 2015, Square Enix announced The Vana’Diel Project– a means to
28 Mar 2014

Blades Abound in the Next Version Update & Meeble Burrows Campaign Tunnels into Existence!

The next version update is scheduled to dock on Tuesday, April 8. Cargo on this ship includes new high-tier mission battlefields with Tenzen and Ouryu respectively, new job-specific equipment, racial stat adjustments such as increases in Tarutaru HP and Galka MP, and a variety of adjustments to make adventuring in Vana’diel more convenient than ever.
27 Mar 2014

Announcing the Spring Alter Ego Extravaganza!

The Spring Alter Ego Extravaganza will commence on April 1, bringing along with it three new alter egos to add to your arsenal! Vana’diel’s most prestigious chocobo chick, Sakura! The Red Menace, Ovjang! The Reticent Protector, Mnejing! Campaign Period: Tuesday, April 1, 2014 at 1:00 a.m. (PDT) to Wednesday, April 30 at the same hour.
26 Mar 2014

Freshly Picked Vana’diel Sheds Light on Inventory Revamp!

Producer Akihiko Matsui held another “Freshly Picked Vana’diel” to go over some of the new content and discuss other topics pertinent to adventuring. Of particular interest to Vana’diel’s adventurers is some insight into the plans in store for inventory system changes and gear-swapping macros. We’re currently making plans to add an equipment-specific inventory that will
14 Jan 2014

Dragon Quest X Players to See FFXI and FFXIV Crossover Content

I rarely get jealous of games that are exclusive to Japan – mostly because there isn’t much I can do about it. However, as both a Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV player, its hard not to be jealous at Square Enix’s latest announcement for their Dragon Quest-based MMORPG. By now, you’re probably thinking,
20 Dec 2013

On the FFXIV-th Day Of Christmas, My True Love Sent To Me…

  …FINAL FANTASY® XIV: A Realm Reborn™, KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX, TOMB RAIDER®, and FINAL FANTASY® XIII-2! And they were purchased at a great price! Today, Square Enix announced a massive sale for the coming holidays. If you were looking for a gift for your gamer loved one or maybe just waiting for some
11 Apr 2013

FFXI Bragging Rights: PFA 299

Its already been 2 weeks since the launch of Seekers of Adoulin and we want to  hear what you have been up to! Have you already reached the level cap with the new Geomancer and Rune Fencer jobs? Perhaps you’ve already collected a full set of the new armor? Or maybe you’ve been destroying Knotted
18 Aug 2010

Final Fantasy XI Players Receiving Bonuses With Final Fantasy XIV

It’s been mentioned that Final Fantasy XI players that make the move over to Final Fantasy XIV may see some type of bonus. Today those bonuses are revealed! Note that these bonuses are exclusive to the PC version of Final Fantasy XIV. PlayStation 3 bonuses will be announced at a later time. Read on for