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6 May 2020
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Possible FFXIR Images Discovered

Information on Square Enix and Nexon’s joint Final Fantasy XI mobile title (FFXIR) has been… scarce to the say the least. It’s been two years since we got any sort of look at the game. Last month, we asked Final Fantasy Director Yoji Fujito and Producer Akihiko Matsui if they could give us any sort
6 Dec 2019

Square Enix Announces The First North American Final Fantasy XI Event In Over Ten Years

This morning, Square Enix announced the Final Fantasy XI Fan Gathering 2020 which will take place in Boston during next year’s PAX East (which will be held from February 27th to March 1st). The last time Square Enix set the stage for Final Fantasy XI players to gather in North America was during the 2008
7 Nov 2019

Yes, Final Fantasy XI Mobile is Still Happening

Today, Nexon released their Q3 2019 report which revealed (on page 19) that yes, Final Fantasy XI‘s mobile version, now going by Final Fantasy XI R, is still in the company’s pipeline. This is the latest piece of “information” for a game that was announced back in 2015, with a proposed release of 2016. Unfortunately,