5 months ago

Review: Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth

So here we are, back to dealing with the Planet all over again. Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth is a game that has a complicated history to deal with and a complicated set of fan desires to assuage. It’s not a stretch to say that the first game in the remake series was well-received, but it’s
5 months ago

The Complicated History of Final Fantasy VII

So later this month, we’re getting the second part of the Final Fantasy VII remake trilogy. And boy howdy, is that going to be complicated for a whole lot of people, because I feel like Final Fantasy VII Remake was already complicated and divisive for a certain portion of the audience. Which is interesting to
6 months ago

Preview: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

When it comes to upcoming games in February, one would be hard pressed to find a title with more eyes on it than Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Coming hot off the heels of July’s Final Fantasy XVI, the second installment of the Final Fantasy VII remake trilogy has been leaving onlookers with no shortage of
10 months ago

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth Gets Release Date and Nineteen Inches of Sephiroth

During today’s State of Play, a brand new trailer was shown for Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth. The trailer includes Yuffie, who was seen as a part of Remake’s Intergrade DLC, in addition to the full reveal of Cait Sith and Vincent Valentine. We also get a look at all of the different colored Chocobos, Cloud
1 year ago

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Will Release on Two Discs in Early 2024

After a week of teasers on Twitter regarding the follow-up to Final Fantasy VII Remake, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Square Enix has released a full trailer featuring gameplay, cutscenes and even a release window. In a surprise reveal, it was also announced that Rebirth will launch on two discs. Having fled Midgar at the end
1 year ago

New Trailer for Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis at Summer Games Fest

Summer Game Fest 2023 delivers yet again with a brand-new trailer for latest installation in the legendary Final Fantasy VII RPG series, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis. The new trailer from Square Enix shows a glimpse of a young Sephiroth, as well as impressive footage from both scenario and combat scenes. Ever Crisis will include
25 Feb 2021

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis and The First Soldier Revealed for Mobile

Hot on the heels of the end of service approaching for Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts mobile game, they company has come out to give first looks at not one, but two new games set in the Final Fantasy VII universe that are coming to mobile devices. The first is Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis which
6 Apr 2020

Review: Final Fantasy VII Remake

Lengthy story-based games, like JRPGs and visual novels, are typically the kinds of games I’ll never replay. Between the fact that my time for games is limited and the shear amount of new titles out there I still need to play, I find little reason to go back and re-experience a story I’ve already played
19 Aug 2015

Final Fantasy VII is Available Now for iOS

Final Fantasy VII is now available for iOS devices! The game comes with a built-in Max Stats command, an option to turn off enemy encounters, and a choice between virtual analogue or a fixed four-way digital  control pad. Available now from the iTunes store in the United States, for $15.99.
6 Dec 2014

Final Fantasy VII Coming to the PS4!… Oh Wait. It’s a Re-Release.

Today, December 6th, Square Enix announced that it is planning to re-release their most popular title on the Play Station 4 in Spring 2015.
10 Jun 2014

New Final Fantasy VII Racer Game Announced

FINAL FANTASY VII G-BIKE™, a thrilling high-speed action chase game from FINAL FANTASY® VII, is coming to the iPhone® and Android. The game merges high-speed bike chases with deep RPG elements such as character customization, development and item collection. Some key features announced by Square Enix: A motorcycle chase based action game, set in the
17 Dec 2013

SquareEnix Flaunts Aeris, Cloud, and Yuna in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

The new Final Fantasy title, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, is already out in Japan, and its only appropriate that Square Enix start pushing out DLC for the brand new game. Lightning, who according to SE is a very popular character, have gone ahead and decided to release a few new costumes for her displayed
4 Jul 2013

Final Fantasy VII Now On Steam

After a launch that was plagued with DRM issues, it looks like Square Enix has finally done what they should have in the first place. Final Fantasy VII is now available on Steam and includes everything from when it came out for PC last year such as achievements, cloud saves, and a character booster.
5 Jul 2012

Final Fantasy VII Coming As Digital Download To Square Enix eStore

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy VII will be released exclusively on the Square Enix eStore later this year as a digital download for PC. This version of the game will have new features that will help players relive what some consider to be the best game in the franchises 25 year history. New
4 Jul 2011

Final Fantasy Costumes Finally Coming To Little Big Planet

I can remember a few years ago after the release of the first Little Big Planet… at some event, either E3 or Tokyo Game Show they showed off a few costume ideas they had for the game. One was Solid Snake, which ended up being a whole level pack worth of content for the original