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6 months ago

Review: Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters (Final Fantasy I-III)

So, the first of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters are out. And it is impossible to review the whole product just yet, because the whole product isn’t available right now. We haven’t yet played the Final Fantasy IV through Final Fantasy VI remasters. They’re simply not available to be experienced yet. At the same time,
9 May 2014

Final Fantasy III Coming To PC Via Steam

NES, DS, PSP, iOS, Android, heck even the Ouya has a version of Final Fantasy III for it. A Steam product page has surfaced for a PC version of Final Fantasy III which has been “optimised for PC gaming with new and improved 3D visuals and story sequences”. Additionally, the game will have Steam Trading
1 Apr 2013

Hiromichi Tanaka To Oversee Additional Final Fantasy III Ports

For those that missed it, Final Fantasy III is now available on the Ouya. This marks the 5th time that the game has been released stateside since its debut on the Nintendo DS. However, Square Enix isn’t stopping there. Today we received word that Square Enix veteran and Final Fantasy III Director, Hiromichi Tanaka, will
7 Dec 2012

SQUARE ENIX Brings FINAL FANTASY IV To The iPhone And Gives Holiday Discounts

SQUARE ENIX has just announced that they’ll be bringing the Nintendo DS version of FINAL FANTASY IV to the iPhone. Also being released is Qwirkle for iOS along with Android releases of DEMONS’ SCORE, FINAL FANTASY DIMENSIONS and Wizardlings. Over the next few weeks, SQUARE ENIX titles for iOS will go on sale. You can
21 Sep 2012


Announced today on the PlayStation Blog, the PSP version of FINAL FANTASY III will become available for download from PSN this Tuesday, September 25th. The PSP port is based off the game that was released in 2006 for the Nintendo DS. New features for the PSP version include optimized widescreen graphics, an image gallery, an