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10 months ago

Preview: God of Rock

Rhythm games are kind of my passion. If I’m not busy pouring time into a JRPG (or wasting away my days in Final Fantasy XIV), you can usually find me jamming away in some sort of musical experience. Project Diva, DJMax, Taiko no Tatsujin…hell, even music adjacent games like Tetris Effect get a ton of
11 Feb 2022

Review: The King of Fighters XV

The King of Fighters is a series long-beloved by fighting game fans. It’s consistently sported a colorful cast of memorable characters, flashy specials as satisfying to watch as they are to input successfully, and a high level of overall speed that sets itself apart not just from other team fighters, but the fighting game genre
30 Jul 2020

Review: Fight Crab

There’s nothing quite like Fight Crab. Of that, I am certain. But this is a case where both words and emotions, to some degree, fail me. So I’ll just have to muddle through and see if I can arrange words in a way that can describe this game. Are you ready? Let’s go! All right,
2 Mar 2020

Review: Granblue Fantasy: Versus

It’s no secret that mobile games are a massive industry. It seems like we can’t go a day without some news story talking about how Fate Grand Order or Fire Emblem Heroes has broken some new user count or profit record. Putting aside the money-making-machine aspect of many of them, just the fact that they’re