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31 Aug 2011

My Little Pony: Fighting Is Magic Sneak Peak On September 2nd!

Indie developer Mane6 will be streaming a sneak preview of Fighting Is Magic on September 2nd, via Livestream at 7pm CDT. More information can be found at their official home page. [Mane6] [Mane6 Livestream]
21 Jun 2011

Pinkie Pie Vs. Derpy Hooves… Fight!

Or at least we can only hope! Little is known about the mod at the moment, but it looks promising. It is currently going as “MLP: Fighting is Magic“, a working title which will likely stick. The mod/dev team, dubbing themselves “Team Mane6” have a rather brief FAQ, and if they deliver what they promise
5 Aug 2009

Races Named, Classes Revealed

Thanks to some vigilant forum members, we have new information about FFXIV from Japan. Images were leaked late yesterday evening from a 9 page Japanese magazine article believed to be released this week. Chances are high this is coming from Weekly Famitsu. Weekly Famitsu often uses furigana, small characters above kanji to provide the correct