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29 Dec 2016

FFXIV Tokyo Fan Fest 2016 – Dev Panel Summary

During the Tokyo Fan Festival, Naoki Yoshida and Kenji Sudo talked about some of the FFXIV battle content during the developer’s panel. They mainly talked about the Binding Coil of Bahamut, Alexander, and Titan. The panel started by Kenji Sudo introducing himself to the audience. Kenji Sudo used to work on games such as Last
19 Oct 2016

FFXIV Duality Album Track List & In-Game Bonuses Revealed

The website for the upcoming FFXIV arrangement album Duality has been updated with a full track list as well as the in-game items that will be granted to those that pick up the initial print run of the album. Those that pick up the album will receive a code for Orchestion rolls for the piano
18 Oct 2016

Aetheryte Radio 96: Fan Fest 2016

Tune in as the Aetheryte Radio crew sit around in a circle in a hotel room to talk about Fan Fest 2016! *Audio quality is not quite up to par with previous episodes due to us using some mobile recording equipment. *Recording was done in an audio only format and as such is not available
15 Oct 2016

Final Fantasy XIV Day 2 – Koji Lore: Q&A

After discussing the beautiful elements of his new lore book, we get to Koji’s Q&A. He’s answered a few select questions from our audience, with a promise to answer more later on. Read on to continue!
14 Oct 2016

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest Keynote Presentation

Check out our Keynote Presentation coverage!
14 Oct 2016

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Teaser Trailer

Check out the trailer for Final Fantasy XIV’s next expansion: Stormblood! [x_video_embed][/x_video_embed] You can find the official website for the expansion here.
13 Oct 2016

FFXIV Fan Fest 2016- What’s In The Bag

We just picked up our bag from Fan Fest! Here’s what’s inside!
7 Oct 2016

Gamer Escape At FFXIV Fan Fest 2016

Many of us here at Gamer Escape are getting ready to head to Las Vegas next week for the second Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest! We’ll be doing our best to bring you the latest information straight from the event being held at the Paris Hotel & Casino on October 14th and 15th. Make sure to