12 Dec 2014

New FFXIV Merchandise Hits The Tokyo Fan Fest

At the first ever Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Las Vegas back in October, we asked Naoki Yoshida what was up with the majority of the merchandise made for Final Fantasy XIV being only available in Japan. He told us that there is a desire to sell this merchandise but there are some weird
25 Oct 2014

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest | London Q&As

Today’s Fan Festival activities in London were loaded with Q&A sessions. Here’s every little thing we learned from Naoki Yoshida, Hiroshi Takai, Masayoshi Soken, and Koji Fox.
25 Oct 2014

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest | London Keynote

The Opening Ceremonies and Keynote have concluded at Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival London! What big new announcements did we get in the EU today? Read on for a full list!
22 Oct 2014

Fan Fest 2014 Interview With Michael-Christopher Koji Fox

This past weekend we got to sit down with Michael-Christopher Koji Fox to talk about an insane amount of topics ranging from the taxonomy of a Scholar’s Fairies to David Bowie’s package in Labyrinth. This is an interview you don’t want to miss! We previously released the audio of this interview as Lorecast 4! Make sure to
21 Oct 2014

Fan Fest 2014 Interview With Naoki Yoshida

This past weekend at Fan Fest in Las Vegas we got to sit down and talk with Naoki Yoshida about some of the announcements from the event as well as other topics!
20 Oct 2014

Aetheryte Radio 71: Fan Fest 2014

Tune in as the Aetheryte Radio crew record live after the closing ceremonies of the first ever Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival! We talk about Heavensward and all the other announcements from the show as well as our hands on time with the events on the show floor. We also go over the questions from
19 Oct 2014

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest | Costume Contest Live Blog!

Matt Hilton introduces the contest. Guest judges are two cosplayers (didn’t catch names) and Yoshi P. And Lisa Luhu as Garuda (epic costume lol).
19 Oct 2014

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest | Letter From the Producer Live Blog

Yoshi P came out showing fan art. Mr G came out and a fan handed him a batman shirt. Translation team brought out. Yoshi P: Our PR team got really upset at you Mr G. Matt Hilton: How are you guys doing? Getting a lot of sleep? Yoshi P: Nope. No time!
19 Oct 2014

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest | Lead GM Live Blog

Enkrateia, the lead GM joins the community team, Grekumah and Camate. Camate: What do GMS actually do? Enkrateia: A lot of enforcing the rules, fielding complaints, we work real hard to make the game as fun as possible. When we introduced the forums, we took on moderating those too. Grekumah: Why don’t GMS appear more
19 Oct 2014

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest | Bluegartr Live Blog

A special guest is set for the live stream in a few minutes, stay tuned to Gamerescape for all the latest info! Hadley Brightfoot and Carraway Author join Camate. BG talking about the positive energy at the fest. Camate asking if they think they’ll one shot Odin. BG: Probably not lol. Camate: How’d the coil
19 Oct 2014

Day 1: Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2014

The first day of the first Final Fantasy XIV 2014 Fan Festival had a huge announcement in Heavensward, otherwise known as Final Fantasy XIV 3.0. We had a hint earlier in the week that Heavensward (or Souten no Ishgard in Japan) might be the name of the upcoming expansion for FFXIV. The level cap is
18 Oct 2014

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest | Dev Panel Live Blog (Job Spoiler?)

Mitsutoshi Gondai (battle director) took stage with Naoki Yoshida. Gondai: My name might be a little hard to say, so you can call me Mr. G if you want. (Crowd chants Mister G!) Mr G: There are three main sections, enemy design, system design, and for 2.0, the FATE team. 5 on level, 4 on
18 Oct 2014

Odin Fight Preview

After the Lore Panel, Camate and Grekumah cut to some players trying the new Odin fight. It looks to be taking place in an instanced area of the Black Shroud, and seems to have similar behavior to the FATE (but without the billions of people). No word on what the trick is to this yet!
18 Oct 2014

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest | Lore Panel Live Blog

Fernehalwes takes the stage with Matt Hilton, lots of “Loregasm shouts” from the crowd. Fernehalwes talking about a game he made in high school where you went to went to Las Vegas and mug an old lady when you ran out of money!?
18 Oct 2014

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest | Music Panel Live Blog

The Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest Music Panel is set to start in 15 minutes, stay tuned here for live blogging coverage! Here we go! Soken takes the stage asking “did you win big money?!?” Fernehalwes joins him. Soken is really animated lol.
18 Oct 2014

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest Keynote Live Blog

Final Fantasy XIV CG trailer for new expansion, Heavensward. Clearly takes place in Ishgard. Naoki Yoshida opened up the keynote in english, and said: “Let’s talk about Final Fantasy XIV 3.0… in Japanese!”.
17 Oct 2014

The FFXIV Fan Festival 2014 Bag

Those attending the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Vegas this weekend will receive a bag full of goodies! Take a look at all the items in our gallery!
17 Oct 2014

Day 0: Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2014

Thousands of excited Final Fantasy XIV fans flocked to the Rio today to register and pick up their badges for the first ever Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival! We took a handful of pictures during registration and during tonight’s reception at the pool area. [scrollGallery id=’48’]
15 Oct 2014

EU Community Team Gives A Preview Of The London Fan Fest

Sasunaich and Kahuna return with the second episode of Beyond the Adventurer’s Guild to give us a look at some of the exciting things that are planned for the second Fan Festival event this year in London.  
9 Oct 2014

Gamer Escape At FFXIV Fan Festival 2014

Gamer Escape will be on the ground in Las Vegas next weekend for the first ever Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival! We’ll be there to cover the event and bring you the latest information from all of the presentations taking place on stage as well as exclusive interviews with the FFXIV Development Team and Koji Fox (Fernehalwes)! Read