23 May 2019

The Future of FFXI – Famitsu Interview with Akihiko Matsui and Yoji Fujito

Famitsu recently did an interview with Final Fantasy XI Producer Akihiko Matsui and Director Yoji Fujito where they discussed the future of the MMO that is currently celebrating its 17th anniversary. The original interview can be read here.
10 May 2017

The May Version Update Has Landed!

The third step of the Escutcheon questline makes an appearance this month, together with some high-level synthesis recipes of an extreme difficulty level, each producing Superior 3 equipment usable with a new gift being introduced! On the battlefront, the monthly changes to Ambuscade are available, the Ark Angel TT has been added to the alter
4 May 2017

Final Fantasy XI Version Update Scheduled For May 10th

The next version update is scheduled for Wednesday, May 10. Check out all the details here.
3 May 2017

The 15th Vana’versary Adventurer Appreciation Campaign

It’s that time of year again! Final Fantasy XI launched May 16, 2002 in Japan for the PlayStation 2 and this year marks it’s 15th anniversary. While we’re sure to get even juicier items, events and bonuses once the May Version Update lands, here’s a list of campaigns that will be active during the period.
11 Apr 2013

FFXI Bragging Rights: PFA 299

Its already been 2 weeks since the launch of Seekers of Adoulin and we want to  hear what you have been up to! Have you already reached the level cap with the new Geomancer and Rune Fencer jobs? Perhaps you’ve already collected a full set of the new armor? Or maybe you’ve been destroying Knotted
11 Sep 2012

Termination of FFXI and FFXIV Simultaneous Subscription Bonuses

With the transition from the current version of FINAL FANTASY XIV to A Realm Reborn, FINAL FANTASY XI and FINAL FANTASY XIV simultaneous subscription bonuses will be terminated effective Saturday, September 29, 2012, at 23:59 (PDT). Please make sur...
9 Jul 2011

Follow-Up Kliskpinion: What If It Isn’t A Kingdom Hearts MMO?

The main thing that makes a KH MMO a difficult sell is the fact that, well, let me sum it up: Disney. They’re not going to particularly want their characters on an ever evolving online world where their franchise(s) could, arguably, be slandered and graffiti’d by online hooligans. The ‘Disney Factor’ cannot be forgotten, and
23 Jun 2010

Op-Ed: Just Love for the Game

Compared to what I knew about FFXI, I feel that I have almost a million times more information about FFXIV than I had before starting FFXI.  Post after post is about E3.  Was it disappointing?  A success?  What more did we learn that we didn’t know before?  And on and on. Statement: I love FFXIV.
16 Jan 2010

You Got FFXIV In My VanaFest!

VanaFest 2010 has been announced for February 28th in Tokyo Japan! VanaFest is a live stage event where attendees get to see developer panels, announcements of new content, concerts, and more! Those that attend also receive a special in game item for Final Fantasy XI that is only available from the Festival events. The official