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1 month ago

Aetheryte Radio 261: This! Was! FAN FEST!

Celebrate XIV Years of FFXIV Podcasting with us! It's our anniversary and we've returned from the oven-like landscape of Vegas with news on the (MAJOR) ups and downs of Fan Fest!
2 months ago

Naoki Yoshida Answers Questions From the Press at Fan Fest 2023

The North American Fan Festival is over and while FFXIV players (im)patiently await Patch 6.5 and the newly announced expansion, Dawntrail, we still more news to report on from the event in Las Vegas. During a press conference Friday evening, Final Fantasy XIV Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida answered a handful of questions from the
2 months ago

Aetheryte Radio 260: Fan Fest Predictions

It's the Fan Fest Count Down~♪ And we're here with our predictions on what we might see along with a little sum out of the latest game additions from Patch 6.5.