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1 month ago

Theatrythm Final Bar Line Adds Fun References For FFXIV Fans

With today’s release of Theatrythm Final Bar Line for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, players have been going through the game and enjoying their favorite tracks from the Final Fantasy series. Final Fantasy XIV players that jump into “A Long Fall” may notice a little extra fan-service, with the in-game stage having multiple nods to
7 Jun 2021

FFXIV’s Naoki Yoshida Talks to Us About New Jobs, Viera, and the Endwalker Collector’s Edition

Now that Fan Fest 2021 has wrapped up, we had a chance to ask Final Fantasy XIV’s Naoki Yoshida a handful of questions that still lingered in our minds in the weeks after the event.
24 May 2021

Performers from Final Fantasy XIV’s Fan Festival Concerts Comment on the Event

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been over a week since the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival gave us more information regarding the upcoming Endwalker expansion and treated us to a myriad of content from developer panels to concerts. Coming out of the event, several of the performers from those concerts that helped to
23 May 2021

Aetheryte Radio 198: Fan Fest 2021 (Day 2)

You didn't think we'd only talk about the first day, did you!? We're back to bring you the details of the second day of the Fan Fest seen 'round the world!
17 May 2021

Aetheryte Radio 197: Fan Fest 2021 (Day 1)

After our joy and squealing during the keynote, we'll try and keep the excitement to a minimum for this episode of Aetheryte Radio. Just kidding! Join us as we go back over the first day of info from Fan Fest 2021!