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2 weeks ago

Preview: Final Fantasy XVI

Warring nations. Broken families. People that can turn into literal gods. A massive shift in tone, but still a familiarity that feels like returning home. A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to visit Square Enix HQ in Los Angeles, California, to finally experience a greatly anticipated upcoming title years in the making: Final
21 Feb 2014

Little Ladies’ Day

The realm is alive with the cheerful warbling of spring birds, and the blooming of peach trees signifies the coming of every maiden’s favorite holiday—Little Ladies’ Day, that once-a-year occasion when any young Eorzean lady can be a princess for the day. Preparations are well underway, and a certain competition to be held this year
18 Dec 2013

The Starlight Celebration – Forever Winter Nights

The nights in Eorzea grow colder as the Starlight Celebration draws near. It is a time of merriment and winter delights, and the Adventurers’ Guild has wasted no time in preparing for this year’s festivities. However, their plans seem to have been forestalled, and rumors of imps up to mischief and sentient snowmen now run
22 Mar 2012

FFXIV: Announcing the Culinary Creation Contest!

To commemorate the new and updated recipes unveiled in patch 1.21, the Community Team felt it was the opportune time to hold an epic contest of the culinary persuasion! Think you have what it takes to be a master chef? Do you fancy yourself creative w...
16 Sep 2011

Foundation Day Cometh!

Ever since the reinstitution of the Grand Companies of Eorzea, an air of tension has enveloped the three city-states, the ensigns of each organization hanging overhead a constant reminder of looming disaster. Lately, however, a peculiar sight has been...
2 Sep 2011

Hunter’s Moon: The Curse of Dalamud

High above the Twelveswood the raven circles, a watchful shadow silhouetted against the eldritch light of the twin moons. As ever, keen-eyed reporter Kipih Jakkya is afield to keep us abreast of the latest anomalies to rack Eorzea. She writes to us n...