12 months ago

Interview with Warframe’s Megan Everett

Megan Everett is a cheerful, knowledgeable breath of fresh air, who also happens to be the Community Director over at Digital Extremes, the developer and publisher for Warframe. A few weeks back, she was able to spare us 30 informative minutes of her time, as well as throw in some great anime recommendations: Attack on
12 months ago

Launch Preview: Warframe: The Duviri Paradox

10 Years of the Tenno The game Warframe has a rags-to-riches story. After Dark Sector was released, developer Digital Extremes wanted to use the ideas that publishers had removed from Dark Sector and craft a game that was truly theirs. Unfortunately, at the time, science fiction wasn’t considered trendy, so after every publisher turned them
1 year ago

Warframe: The Duviri Paradox Release Date and Trailer Revealed

Last week, Digital Extremes gave us a little peek at what’s in store for the upcoming release of The Duviri Paradox, their newest roguelike addition to Warframe. While we can’t share all of their secrets yet, they’re letting us give you a glimpse behind the curtain before the official release on Steam PC, Epic Games
21 Jul 2022

Preview: Saints Row

Santo Ileso was brought to life in Las Vegas last week as select media was invited to experience Saints Row – the reboot from developer Volition being released next month on August 23. Saints Row comes nine years after the last release in this series, and more than fifteen years after the original – so what
8 Jun 2022

Review: Card Shark

I’ve never been what one would call an avid card game player. Sure, I know which hands beat what in poker, I can count for blackjack, and I’ve bluffed my way through a game of sheepshead or two. But I have no idea if holding out for a flush is wise and I’ve never known
30 Jul 2021

Review: Fuga: Melodies of Steel

Never before have I felt both so excited and so afraid to review a title before. The latest in the Little Tail Bronx series of loosely connected games, I’ve been a fan of the series for some time now. However, I also knew the story would absolutely break my heart. It’s a tale of vengeance,
2 Mar 2021

Fall Guys Developer Mediatonic Acquired by Epic Games

Following the success of Fall Guys, Epic Games announced that it has acquired UK-based corporation Tonic Games Group consisting of developers Mediatonic and Fortitude Games, publishing arm The Irregular Corporation, and Skillshare-esque platform Tonic U.
6 Jun 2020

Review: Sludge Life

I’m no stranger to weird and offbeat media. Sometimes it can be nonsensical as hell, sometimes it makes pointed statements in very unconventional ways, and sometimes it just wants to exist in its own vibe. While I wouldn’t say that games centered around graffiti are something that’s flooding the market, the ones I have come
3 May 2020

Review: Before We Leave

There’s nothing more meditative than a civilization builder. There is no story to follow, no cinematics or dialogue to pay attention to and, best of all, no expectation of success. It’s a great time to lean back, put on some music, and figure out what tech tree I need to research to keep my citizens
10 Dec 2019

Review: MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

2019 has shaped up to look like the year for a handful of long dormant franchises with dedicated fanbases finally getting the follow up they’ve been wanting for ages. I ended up in that camp being one of the people who were excited enough to throw money at Yu Suzuki’s Kickstarter campaign to see the
15 Feb 2019

Review: Metro Exodus

As the recent release of Kingdom Hearts 3 has proven, it can be challenging for newcomers to a series to jump into an on-going series without knowledge of past releases. KH3 may have taken this to a bit of an extreme, but I still experienced something similar when Metro Exodus fell into my hands.