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Exclusive Interview With Naoki Yoshida: 1.18 And Beyond!

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Recently we got a chance to shoot some questions over to Naoki Yoshida! We ask about some of the content coming up this week in Patch 1.18 and we also get a few juicy bits of information regarding Patch 1.19 and 1.20. Airships and Hamlet content is coming! Check out our exclusive interview after the break.

Wiki Milestones, Statistics, Improvements and the Importance of Community

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Time for a little look back at where we’ve come from, where we are going – and most importantly – why we are able to create the best FFXIV wiki around.   Back in June we had our 1-year birthday – so I guess that means we are now approaching our 1.5 birthday – and we reported that our wiki had about 300 content pages with between 2,000 and 8,000 visits per day.  We now have more than 4,500 content pages …

Navigate the Wiki… on your own terms!

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With The Wiki growing at a very nice clip (now over 1300 articles), it had become somewhat more difficult to find certain pages by navigating from the main page.  No more we say!  Ganiman took up the reigns and coded a nifty new wiki navigation (aka “Eorznav”) that not only provides a nice and compact way to navigate the wiki based on a default navigation structure, but which lets each user completely customize their own navigation structure! So if you …