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10 months ago

Review: A Space for the Unbound

I am in love with the fact that indie developers have begun to unabashedly explore stories that were not at all common 20 years ago. There is something so refreshing about seeing an obscure narrative come to life and I hope with all my heart this trend continues.
28 May 2021

Review: Sumire

While I am not an expert on the intricacies of game development, I have noticed that video games put out by indie developers tend to take some rather unique routes and even introduce new concepts. It is one of my favorite things about the genre because it truly feels like developers have been able to
30 Mar 2021

Review: Lost Words: Beyond the Page

The sheer amount of text in my favorite games was always the excuse that I gave to my parents that video games were actually good for me. “Look at all the reading I’m doing! It’s educational!” There really is a lot of text in games, when you think about it. Even in games with little-to-no
4 Mar 2021

Blink Through Life in Before Your Eyes

Controlling a game through body movements is nothing new. Hell, remember the Kinect? Using a camera to translate motions into gameplay is hardly novel…but what matters more is how these inputs are actually put to use. Enter GoodbyeWorld Games, a Los Angeles-based indie collective preparing to launch a title controlled by blinking your eyes. Before