The Last of Us Release Date Confirmed

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It may seem like a while since the last time you heard any sort of update regarding the launch of Naughty Dog’s anticipated 2013 blockbuster, The Last of Us. Recently at the VGAs Sony launched a new trailer and confirmed the title’s release date in North America and Europe: May 7th, 2013. The Last of Us, is a new title from developer Naughty Dog, creator of the Uncharted and Jak and Daxter franchises. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, The Last …

Preview: Telltale’s The Walking Dead Episode 2

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If you’re a fan of zombies, chances are that you’ve seen AMC’s The Walking Dead. And if you’ve seen that, the chances are also pretty good that you’ve at least heard of Telltale’s The Walking Dead game. In typical Telltale fashion, the story is divided up into five episodes. Episode one and the season pass have already been released and episode two is set to (hopefully) be out by the end of the month. We caught up with Telltale games …

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E3 2012 Hands On: Nintendoland

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Last year, Nintendo’s big E3 “thing” was the unveiling of the Wii U. And while that’s definitely a big thing for them this year, their main attraction was Nintendoland. A theme park of various Nintendo properties such as The Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, Donkey Kong and more! You enter Nintendoland and are able to play one of twelve minigame attractions. Out of the twelve set to be in the final product, five were on the show floor: The Legend …

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E3 2012 Hands On: Resident Evil 6

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Resident Evil 6 was at E3 2012 in full force! Complete with crazy people walking around claiming that there is no hope left and the end is here, and even a wall of missing persons. But that’s just stuff around the Los Angeles Convention Center, you probably don’t care too much about that right? You want to know about the game! On Tuesday I got 30 minutes of co-op goodness with Capcom’s latest entry in the Resident Evil series and …

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E3 2012 Interview: Summons, Chocobos, Train Tracks and Rocks

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While there’s no reveal of a new trailer for Final Fantasy 2.0, that hasn’t stopped Naoki Yoshida from talking about what he and his team has been pouring their hearts into over the last year. At E3 this year we got a host of new concept art showing off everything from class specific armor for crafting and gathering classes, to screenshots of a dragoon fighting what just might be the biggest coeurl we’ve ever seen! But the fun doesn’t stop …

E3 2012: Day 1 Wrap Up

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The first day of this year’s E3 has come and gone. We attended our first Nintendo press conference this year, and we got to see some cool titles later in the day once the show floor opened. We still have much more to see over the next two days, but read on and check out our thoughts on what we saw for the first day of E3 2012!

Another Look At Star Trek Gameplay

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Today we got another look at the Star Trek game being developed by Namco Bandai. Last year we had a small glimpse of a pre-alpha co-op gameplay. And today we got to see more alpha footage of the game, this time running in 3D. It’ a co-op third person shooter where you either play as Kirk or Spock. Both characters play differently. Throughout the demo Spock would scan various things in the environment to help the narrative and during a …

Agni’s Philosophy:A Square Enix/Luminous Studio Tech Demo

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Square Enix just announced, and released, the below video showcasing it’s incredible new game engine known as the Luminous Engine. Produced with Luminous Studio, the tech demo “was created through the lens of the FINAL FANTASY series, where ancient magic and advanced science coexist in a near-futuristic world. The video depicts a life-changing encountear for our heroine, the magic-wielding protagonist Agni.” We can’t wait to see some games using this engine, although it might be a wait since it is …

FFXIV 2.0 Screenshots Released at E3!

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With the start of E3 comes a host of newly released 2.0 screenshots and concept art.  This was distributed to to media (along with media from a host of other SE titles), so as far as I know Square Enix hasn’t issued any comments or statements about 2.0 yet.  As we’ve reported before, we’re meeting with the dev team tomorrow and will be able to ask some questions (and hopefully get some answers).  So if you have any based on …