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21 May 2011

Dev Tracker For The Week of 5/15/11

As Square Enix continues their efforts to breathe new life into the older aspects of Vana’diel they also keep mentioning changes to things that have long plagued adventurers. This week the Dev Tracker picks up talk about Dynamis Maps, Level 4 Skillchains, issues with distance and losing TP and more! We’re also looking for volunteers
9 May 2011

The Version Update Has Arrived!

Adventurers of Vana'diel, take heed: the May version update has gone live! With the first installment of the new Voidwatch battle system, a new set of battlefields, and the expanded solo training feature, Grounds of Valor, this update is sure to offer ...
15 Apr 2011

The New Version Update Draws Nigh

The next update to FINAL FANTASY XI will be released on Tuesday, May 10.The update will introduce new battlefields as well as an original battle system called Voidwatch, which will target high-level adventurers. As part of our ongoing effort to revital...