8 months ago

Aetheryte Radio First Edition Session 8: Pissed & Pissed

Our heroes return in our FFXIV themed D&D game! They're back to check on the local Grey Draco population for a worried researcher... Eventually- but before that, we need a proper dwarven send-off. A battle of Dwarf vs. Dwarf for the title of our favorite foulmouthed adventurer and beverage enthusiast!
10 months ago

Virtual Tabletop Game “Dungeon Full Dive” Gathers Your Party This Year on Steam and VR

Interest in Dungeons & Dragons is higher than ever, despite the recent issues with publishers Hasbro and Wizard of the Coast. The latest movie has been a hit at the box office and many fans are waiting excitedly for the full release of Baldur’s Gate III this summer. And while there are many systems to
1 year ago

Aetheryte Radio First Edition Session 7: Lali-ho Lancel

Unlike US, One-Eye is full of hollow promises! Will we forgive him and forge on anyway?
23 Aug 2021

Aetheryte Radio First Edition Session 6: It Was an Accident

One-eye is forced to remember that he admitted he likes our heroes as he asks them to join his new adventurers' guild, name TBD.
6 Jun 2021

Lorecast 14: Patch 5.5 Part 1 (MSQ)

We're all back today with an exciting +1: the illustrious Anonymoose! You know what that means… It's LORECAST TIME! But, as you guys may have noticed, Patch 5.5 dropped A LOT of lore on us, so this week's podcast is just about the MSQ. We'll be back next week with Yorha and Zadnor lore!
14 May 2021

Preview: Solasta: Crown of the Magister

While I’m not an avid in-person roleplayer (current state of the world not withstanding), I have had a fondness over the years for PC-based North American RPGs based on Dungeons & Dragons. These games tend to take a turn-based tactical approach, as does pen-and-paper gaming, and I also have a similar fondness for tactical games.
29 Mar 2021

Aetheryte Radio First Edition Session 5: That’s Cute…!

What happens to a party then the danger has passed and emotions are high?
22 Feb 2021

Aetheryte Radio First Edition Session 4: Your Name is Stupid

The Invited (Zumie), the Sort-of-Invited (Meritt), and the Uninvited (Aiden) make their way to the midnight meeting with the Nightshades.
10 Jan 2021

Aetheryte Radio First Edition Session 3: The Unremarkable Rogue

Aiden, Meritt and Zumie take their semi-hostage Jorel to northern Lakeland to investigate the group that hired him to steal beasts from the basements of the Crystarium. — Watch live on Saturdays at noon PST. Our next D&D specific show could be as soon as the 23rd. Otherwise, look for it in February!
26 Oct 2020

Aetheryte Radio First Edition Session 2: Fae-Hann: He Gets It

Aiden, Meritt, and Zumie finish up their business Beneath the Crystarium and head above to report their findings (and check out their loot)!
4 Oct 2020

Aetheryte Radio First Edition Session 1: Beneath the Crystarium

Welcome to the first official Aetheryte Radio First Edition digital table top game session! Dungeon Master Aldianaux leads Meritt (Rook), Zumie (Xenedra), and Aiden (Fusion) on their maiden voyage Beneath the Crystarium.
28 Sep 2020

Aetheryte Radio First Edition Session 0: Let’s Roll! (Our Characters)

We promised it, and now it has begun! Aldianaux leads the crew on the real life adventure of rolling up our FFXIV themed Dungeons and Dragons game. You're gonna go Berserk for these Fishy situations, so Jump right in!