18 Feb 2018

Review: Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

After a couple of games on the PSP and an arcade release, Dissidia Final Fantasy finally hits home consoles with the release of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT for the PlayStation 4. To any Final Fantasy fan, Dissidia NT may seem like a dream. It pits over 20 characters from the series against each other in
10 Jan 2018

Hints Dropped For Dissidia NT DLC Characters

Dissidia NT is out in Japan today! During a pre-launch live stream earlier this morning, Square Enix dropped hints as to the characters we’ll see included in the game’s Season Pass. Male, new to Dissidia, from the second half of the series. Male, new to Dissidia, from the first half of the series. Female, new
11 Aug 2016

Dissidia Adds FFXIV’s Porta Decumana

Today, a new video showing off the current Dissidia arcade game running in Japan revealed the addition of a new level straight out of Eorzea. The game will soon include Porta Decumana, which players will know as the final battleground for Ultima Weapon and Lahabrea in A Realm Reborn. You can see the level in the video
26 Oct 2015

FFXIV Track Gets New Arrangement In Dissidia

A new mix from TGS showcasing some of the music in next months Japanese only release of Dissidia gives us a glimpse at a new arrangement of one of Final Fantasy XIV’s tracks. You can hear the track around the 0:45 mark in the video above which was put together by the people over at Square
14 Feb 2015

Dissidia Coming To Arcades In Japan

Square Enix has announced a brand new Dissidia… for the arcade… in Japan. The game will feature a 3v3 combat system with characters such as the Warrior of Light, Cloud, Y’shtola and more. You can check out the trailer above and  visit the official site for the game here.