20 Jan 2017

Devin “Camate” Casadey Bids Farewell

During the last episode of Duty Commenced, Community Team member Devin Casadey AKA Camate announced that this week would be his last at Square Enix. We had the pleasure of helping to introduce Devin to the players during a panel at Youmacon back in 2009. All of us here at Gamer Escape wish him all the best
18 Nov 2009

Pet Food Alpha 179: Youmacon 2009 Final Fantasy XI Podcast Panel

It’s finally here! The audio from the Youmacon 2009 Final Fantasy XI Podcast Panel is now available for your listening pleasure! We also got the chance to sit down with Robert Peeler and the newest member of the FFXI Community Team, Devin Casadey. We help introduce Devin to the community and get the chance to