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3 Dec 2013

FFXIV Developers’ Blog: The Winner Is…

Greetings, everyone! Bayohne here, with some news about a special accolade that FFXIV received! We’re pleased to say that FFXIV: A Realm Reborn received the “Special Prize” award at yesterday’s PlayStation Awards 2013! This brand-new award was created this year to honor and recognize outstanding titles based on a combination of their buzz-worthiness, influence, performance,
10 Feb 2013

Best Day Of The Week

Hello everyone! Fernehalwes taking a break from putting the final touches on the Beta Version localization to bring you a sneak peek at an atypical Saturday here at Square-Enix headquarters. Yesterday, Yoshi-P asked several members from the development team to come in on the weekend to help create a video that would be shown on
8 Feb 2013

FFXIV Dev Blog: This Is Not A Test

Hello everyone! Fernehalwes back again. I mean, seriously. I leave Pinurabi alone for one minute, and he’s off gallivanting about, pretending to be King of the Blog. This is simply unacceptable, so to teach the bad boy a lesson, I’ve locked him up in the utility closet where we store all our overstock tonberry plushies.
25 Jan 2013

FFXIV Dev Blog: Devsmoot

Good afternoon! Fernehalwes here in one of the FINAL FANTASY XIV meeting rooms, taking a break after a long session with the P about cutscene dialogue windows, angry treants, and homemade hot-sauce.
18 Jan 2013

FFXIV Dev Blog: Here’s to the Night

Hello all! Fernehalwes here. Now that we’ve finished tidying up after Yoshi-P’s little smash session with the Hammer of the Gods, I can finally bring you some screenshots from the new and improved Beta version. As many of you may recall from the Alpha version walkthroughs released last month, we had yet to introduce the
27 Dec 2012

Smile, You’re on Nico Nico Douga!

Hello everyone! Pinurabi here, filling in again for the indisposed Fernehalwes. Mwahaha… Mwahahahahaaa! …Ahem! Please disregard that little outburst, folks. My coffee went down the wrong way. Now, on to the blog! Today we have a back stage report on the livestream event that took place yesterday under the auspices of our friends at Nico
18 Dec 2012

Chocoback in Black

Hello again! Fernehalwes here. For this installment of the Developers’ Blog, we decided to bring you an in-game screenshot of some chocobo barding that Yoshi-P hinted at back during a previous Producer Letter Live. You may recall this preliminary artwork:
3 Dec 2012

A Realm Reborn Developers’ Blog Now Live!

A developer blog is now available on the official FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn website! You can check out the blog here and see the first post by Naoki Yoshida Below! Greetings to all you FINAL FANTASY fans, MMORPG fans, and everyone eagerly awaiting the release of FINAL FANTAXY XIV: A Realm Reborn. This