4 months ago

Review: Gordian Quest

There was a time – and I remember it quite well – when not every single type of game got stapled to an RPG. I don’t even feel like it was all that long ago. It’s not as if no one loved RPGs or anything, but it was a reality that it was something of
9 months ago

Preview: Cross Blitz

Ahoy mateys, it’s your local pirate friend (I’ve been known to engage in a little pirate action of the swashbuckling variety….) here today. Break out the sea shanties, because we’re doing a preview today, and yarrrrr…. it has pirates. And cards! The game today is Cross Blitz, developed by Tako Boy Studios, a retro-styled deckbuilder
1 year ago

Review: Potionomics

More often than not, the games I review here are not games I specifically knew about beforehand. That is not the case for Potionomics, though. I forget how far back I first learned about it, but I had flagged it as something that looked lovely and like it could be a lot of fun quite
13 Jun 2022

Preview: Power Chord

First and foremost, I think it’s important to look at Power Chord as it presents itself compared to what Power Chord actually is. Because I believe that it’s easy to get swept up in the game’s presentation in such a way that you lose sight of the fact that the game itself is actually simpler
18 Oct 2021

Review: Inscryption

I’ve never really been much into tabletop card games. If you don’t count the couple years in college I lost my life to Magic: The Gathering, that is (and I don’t remember much of that time, considering that was right around when I turned 21…). Setting that specific time aside, tabletop card games just never
13 May 2020

Review: Signs of the Sojourner

I found myself feeling very divided in my opinions as I played Signs of the Sojourner. Actually, that’s not altogether true; my opinion was relatively clear insofar as it was a game I really wanted to like if the darn game would stop getting in the way. But that may or may not be its