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5 months ago

State of Play Shows us Deathloop, Moss: Book II and More

Today, Sony took to the internet with the latest State of Play stream which showcased nine minutes of gameplay from the upcoming console exclusive Deathloop as well as giving us announcements and updates from titles including Moss: Book II, Lost Judgement, and Death Stranding Director’s Cut.
1 year ago

Review: Death Stranding [PC]

Death Stranding, Kojima Productions’ first game, was originally released last November for the PlayStation 4. Now, the game has arrived for PC, allowing even more people to deliver packages as Norman Reedus and attempt to make sense of the bizarre story that Hideo Kojima has crafted. It also gives us a chance to do a
14 Jun 2016

FireMarth’s Top 5 E3 Trailers and Announcements!

The rest of the news staff for Gamer Escape is off at E3 experiencing the conferences and eating wall-donuts (no, seriously). They’ll be providing some more in-depth articles from the show floor, but I’m at here at home, watching the conferences from the comfort of my desk. But the major conferences have all wrapped up,