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1 month ago

Review: Neon Blight

I do not, to this day, remember how I first learned about Recettear. But it remains, years later, one of my favorite games and an absolute delight to play through front-to-back. Sure, most of the characters were broad archetypes rather than being well-developed individuals with rich inner lives, and it was clearly a small title
1 year ago

Preview: Read Only Memories: Neurodiver

If someone offered you the chance to change your memories, would you take it? Would you allow another person into your mind to clear up hazy memories, or perhaps bury ones you’d rather forget? What if it came with the risk of changing your personality or your sense of self completely? This seems to be
2 Dec 2020

Review: Observer: System Redux

It kind of goes without saying the “Cyberpunk” aesthetic is very IN right now. We are merely a few short days away from the release of Cyberpunk 2077 at the time of writing after all. And yet with all the Cyberpunk imagery out there, nothing has quite scratched that Blade Runner itch I so desire. 
12 Mar 2020

PAX East 2020 Hands-on: Disjunction

Developers Ape Tribe Games set out with a mission: evoke the feeling of classic RPGs while allowing players true agency of choice and strategy. This focus became the heart of their upcoming Cyberpunk title, Disjunction, set to release summer 2020 and published by Sold Out. The year is 2048 and the city of New York
1 May 2019

Review: VA-11 Hall-A [Switch]

Ah, the common trope of the humble bartender. Always there to listen to the woes to whoever strolls in and needs to throw back a drink of their choosing. It's not uncommon for this trope to rear its head in storytelling in general, and for said individual to be the stalwart rock that dispenses useful advice to the protagonist and supporting characters.