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24 Sep 2015

Announcing the Cartographers and Seekers Contest!

After soaring through the skies and journeying through the vast lands beyond Ishgard, the opportunities for discovering new vistas of peace, tranquility, and excitement have risen straight through the clouds. If you’ve found such a place and would like to share with fellow adventurers, why not create a sightseeing treasure map for others to find
8 Dec 2014

Thal’s Balls Contest: Winner’s Poll!

After a plethora of entries from people that are seemingly obsessed with a few select areas of the body, we’ve narrowed all of the entries down to the top five! Now you get to decide which is the best! If you were in Eorzea and you had the chance to scream out one of these curses,
15 Aug 2014

Moonfire Faire And Casting Call Contests

It’s been a scorchin’ summer – almost as if the Lord of Inferno himself has been bearing down on Eorzea causing this Hellfire-like heat wave – and it should be no surprise that adventurers all over the realm are rushing to put on their summer garments and hitting the cool beaches of Costa Del Sol
30 Jul 2014

Announcing the One Year Anniversary Video Contest

The one year anniversary of FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn is upon us! During the past year, a vast number of adventures have unfolded, friends and communities have come together to defend the realm, and together we look ahead to the future for what’s to come. With dark forces looming over Eorzea in the
4 Apr 2014

Titan Contest Winners!

The Titan t-shirt contest with the really long name has concluded and shirts are being sent out to the winners! Players were tasked with showing some love for the one creature in Eorzea who has had his heart broken more than most- the primal Titan. We’ve gathered up some of our favorite entries for you
19 Feb 2014

Announcing the Winners of the Free Company Recruitment Video Contest!

After much deliberation and frequent attempts to try and join free companies that they were totally sold on from watching the promotion videos, the FFXIV Development and Operation Teams have selected the winning entries! Without further ado, we are proud to announce the winners of the Free Company Recruitment Video contest. Get ready to join
21 Oct 2013

Announcing the Doppelganger Screenshot Contest!

Things are starting to get a bit spookier in the realm and the citizens are beginning to see double! To celebrate this year’s All Saints’ Wake in true spirit, adventurers are being called upon to rummage through their armoury chest and search for equipment that will help them mimic their favorite NPC or monster in
16 May 2013

Announcing the Shield Design Contest!

To celebrate FINAL FANTASY XI reaching its momentous 11th anniversary, we are happy to announce the Shield Design Contest! This is no ordinary contest, as the winning entry’s design will be implemented into the game during the next version update! Summon your creativity, break out a grimoire to start sketching, and create a shield so
15 May 2013

Win Tickets For Distant Worlds In Atlanta June 8th

Do you like Final Fantasy music? Do you live in the Atlanta area? Are you currently visiting this website?… okay so one of those questions is probably pretty obvious. If you can say yes to the other two, then we have something you might be interested in! Square Enix has given us a pair of
4 Apr 2013

“Rune Fencers & Geomancers” Twitter Event

To celebrate the official release of Seekers of Adoulin, we will be hosting the "Rune Fencers & Geomancers" Twitter event. Capture an image of you playing as either a rune fencer or geomancer and post it to Twitter. We'll be selecting 111 of the best screenshots and giving the winners a special present.<br><br>Entry Period:<br>Sunday, April 7, 2013 to Sunday, April 14, 2013.<br><br>Details on how to participate will be provided at the start of the event.
19 Dec 2012

Tomb Raider Launches A Scavenger Hunt!

What do pre-order bonuses, DLC, iPhone/Android apps and a trip to Fiji have in common?  They are all part of the just launched Tomb Raider Scavanger Hunt.  This promotion is a bit complex, or at least has a few steps.  First, you need to pre-order the game.  Doing that will net you a code you
24 Sep 2012

FINAL FANTASY 25th Anniversary Poster Giveaway

At this year’s Penny Arcade Expo which took place just a few weeks ago, Square Enix held a special FINAL FANTASY 25th Anniversary event which featured playable versions of all of the main series entries to the franchise since it’s debut in 1987. All of the lucky fans that attended the event were given a
27 Aug 2012

Announcing the “We Dub to Make it Ours” Contest!

Think you have what it takes to narrate the FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn "Fate of Eorzea" trailer? The Community Team challenges you to create your own version of the trailer’s voice over for fun and a chance to win some luscious loot! We wi...
10 Aug 2012

FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn Gear Design Contest!

With the Seventh Umbral Era fast approaching, adventurers of Eorzea will need to be well-prepared if they hope to endure the coming crisis. Unprecedented dangers demand items of unimaginable power--unimaginable by us alone, that is. However, with the ...
13 Jul 2012

Tenth Anniversary Fan Art Contest – All Entries Revealed!

We're sure you've been waiting with bated breath to see the rest of the marvelous works of art our talented fans submitted to us for the Tenth Anniversary Fan Art Contest. Now you can view them in all their resplendent glory!Even just a cursory glance ...
6 Jul 2012

Tenth Anniversary Fan Art Contest Winners and Video Contest Entries Now on Display!

A huge thanks to VanaFest 2012-goers who, with their discerning eyes and impeccable tastes, have helped us select twenty-five victorious masterpieces for the Tenth Anniversary Fan Art Contest!Feast your eyes upon these wonders of art from all corners o...
14 May 2012

“Where in Vana’diel is the Community Team?” Event!

How well do you know Vana'diel? Could you find your way through the Yuhtunga Jungle blindfolded and navigate to safety using only your sense of hearing? Do you know each individual crevice and nook of the maps of Vana'diel? The Community Team has conco...
21 Mar 2012

The Most Interesting Moogle in Vana’diel Contest!

The bards of Vana'diel tell the tale of a Moogle whose deeds and adventures are like no other! They sing his praise in every tavern across the land; he is the most interesting Moogle in Vana'diel! Surely adventurers are so familiar with the legends sur...
1 Mar 2012

WAKFU Launch Comic Contest

To celebrate WAKFU’s launch and the start of a new era in the World of Twelve, it only makes sense to begin it with a very special event: a Comic Contest! With WAKFU being a breath-taking piece of art in nearly all facets -- gameplay, scenery, ...
28 Feb 2012

Valentione’s Day Love Letter Contest Winners Announced!

It was tough to narrow down so many funny, heartfelt, thoughtful and well-written Love Letters to a list of just three winners, but we’re pleased to announce that we’ve done just that! After multiple Community Team meetings, including consultation...